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Mr Richards' words Lent week 5

I hope you have been enjoying the Winter Olympics. I love watching and taking part in sport because it throws up so many stories. I play football with a group of dads on a Tuesday and Mr Gravett's outstanding performance this week was a sight to behold; everything he touched turned to goals! 

The more enduring stories are often about success in the face of adversity,  redemption and overcoming the odds. This is why we were all behind Lindsay Jacob Ellis this week. You will remember her in the snowboarder cross in 2006; she was a long way ahead, she showboated on the final jump and then fell, losing all hope of a medal. She must have spent the last 16 years replaying that moment and regretting her mistake. That has not stopped her trying to get back to the top. In each Olympic cycle she tried and failed again and again. She must have thought that medal was out of sight as she went into the games this time around in what must have been her final shot. I was delighted for her when she won that gold medal in the final this week. Her emotional interview afterwards was really moving, even for me on my sofa 1000’s of miles away. The message for all of us here is that we make mistakes and if we keep going with the right attitude and values they can be redeemed. Let's hope we don't all have to wait 16 years for redemption, but we must keep trying. 

Our Year 9s certainly faced adversity this week, as their mean Headteacher sent them out on paddle boards in the snow! We marched them up the Brecon Beacons in the pitch black (to be rewarded with the most amazing star display) and the following day, we had them jumping off and sliding down waterfalls in the gorge walking activity. It was a great weekend where the adversity they faced brought them together and created moments that will last forever.  It reminded us all about how much we have missed residential trips and how much they enrich our school experience. 

Happy Valentine's Day for Monday and I hope you have a great weekend

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