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Mr Richards' Words Lent Week 9

Written on behalf of Mr Richards from Mrs Ruddick, Deputy Head Pastoral.

I love a good mystery and have always been a sucker for a good mystery novel or true-crime documentary! 

However, it is with trepidation that I have to report a crime was committed in our Chemistry Lab AKA G11, at Claires Court Senior Girls.  The good news is that Thames Valley Police have enrolled Y7, with the help of the Science department, to help them solve it!  

The Year 7 CSI team have done a fantastic job to gather forensic evidence including photographing the crime scene, dusting for fingerprints, searching for footprints and taking swabs of blood and collecting fibres, hair, paint and glass.  This information is helping them solve this heinous crime and ensure the perpetrator is caught and justice served.  There are a number of suspects - let’s see if Y7 can solve it! Part 2 next week……

Year 7s had a lovely sunny visit to Rushall Farm near Reading, where they learnt about many different farming techniques and had the opportunity to carry out some surveying on the River Pang. They had a fantastic time and their behaviour was exemplary. Well done Year 7.  

      What I relish about working at Claires Court is that you are constantly surrounded by people who can teach you new things.  This week, I listened to Mr Wilding as he spoke to Y10 about ‘monoculture’ whilst they were working on the Tiny Forest Planting work at the Junior Boys School. Monoculture farming is based on growing only one type of crop at one time on a specific field.  Y10 pupils were following the rule of ‘polyculture’, or ‘intercropping’, where they were planting a variety of different species of tree in a single area.  The problem with monoculture is it upsets the natural balance of the soil - too many of the same plant species in one field robs the soil of its nutrients affecting the fertility of the soil.  It got me thinking about how important that ‘polyculture’ method is to human life.  Too much of the same is draining and boring - we should relish our individual natures and have confidence in our differences - it will ensure we all flourish as we should!

May I also take this opportunity to wish Phoebe and Chloe in Y7 all the best for the ISA National Cross Country event this weekend in Nottingham.  We are very proud of you both and look forward to hearing all about it on Monday.

Have a great (with a sunny Saturday forecast at least) weekend.  

Best wishes

Mrs Ruddick - Deputy Head Pastoral

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