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Claires Court Maidenhead

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Mr Richards' Words Summer Week 6

Ms O’Clee has recently been promoted to Deputy Headteacher with the responsibility for our continued drive to improve our already very good teaching and learning.

On Monday, she delivered a fantastic assembly reminding us all about how easy it is to focus on the black dot in the white square. We have been pre-programmed to focus on the negatives that come our way in a normal week, ignoring the positives. She is going to get us all a challenge each week to help us re-programme and redirect our thinking. This week the challenge is to smile and say good morning and good afternoon to get us all in the habit of putting that smile on, whether we want to wear it or not. She will be back next week for another challenge. 

With that in mind, there has been so much to celebrate this week. Our rowers continue to dominate the national circuit and Jemima Donn from Year 10 has stepped up to the 6th Form boat who beat the reigning national champions this week. All is looking very positive for a big performance at Henley. Good luck, Jemima!

Our sporting success continued in the ISA regional finals on Wednesday. It was such a lovely event and I must thank Ms Cox who organised the whole day for 100s of athletes and numerous schools and the rest of the PE department who did such a great job in managing the events on the day. As always, we are so proud of all of our competitors who did such a great job and gave their all in every event. Special mentions to Lara Cl (High Jump), Bethany L (300m, Hurdles and Relay) Zara Pl (Hurdles) and Arabella B (shot) who all qualified for the ISA National competition in Manchester. 

 We had a special assembly from Hannah Carter on Tuesday who reminded us all about the environmental impact of the fashion industry and showed us what small things we could do to reduce this cost. The first Claires Court SG swap shop took place on Wednesday lunchtime - nobody took my jeans - but lots of items were exchanged and important lessons were learnt. 


Year 10 had their revision masterclasses with Ms O’Clee and Ms Thomas on Thursday afternoon to prepare them for their upcoming end of year exams. They did so well, working on different memory and revision techniques to help them in this final push towards their assessments. 

Finally, I would like to wish all 11 candidates for Head Girl good luck in their interviews next week and best wishes to the members of our CCF off to get trained on the Cadet General Purpose rifle on Tuesday. 

 Mr Richards

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