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Mr Richards' Words Summer Week 9

We are full speed ahead in the summer term. Many secondary schools see this time of year as a quieter time of year when Year 11 has finished and Year 13 have moved on. However, at our school the events are coming thick and fast!

 I was so proud of our students who attended and supported us at the Summer Fete on Saturday. I’d like to say an enormous thank you to Mr Small and his plate smashing stall, he had a long queue as people used the plates as a cathartic release. The CCF’s human whack a mole stand was also very busy, and the cadets did a great job all day. The nicest thing about these events is how well the older students step up to help the younger ones. Seeing a year 10 cadet help and guide a Year 1 child is lovely; it really does bring the best out of them. 

 It is Sports Day next week. I know we had a limited number of socially distanced spectators last year, but we are back with full force this year. Please pop in and support, have a cup of tea and a cake and cheer them on. I know they will say they don’t want you to come - but they do really!

We welcome in the new Year 7 cohort on Wednesday evening for their first orientation, they will get to meet their peers and the parents can learn a little more about the activity programme and complexities of the bus routes. For our current older parents, you will remember the excitement and enthusiasm that bounded around during that evening; it is our job to try and keep hold of that through the tricky teenage years and the distractions of social media. 

 It is then time for the big show on Thursday and Friday. Of the 50 students involved, Mr Bennett, Ms Guttridge, and Mr Gravett have poured untold amounts of time and effort into this production, and I am really looking forward to seeing it. There is a live professional band and songs from all the big musicals and Mr Bennett assures me that it will be a ‘greatest hits’ of musicals. A limited number of tickets are still available, and I’ll look forward to seeing you all there. 

You may be sorry to hear that next week will be our last bulletin as it currently stands as we plan to change the format for the new academic year. Please see the note in the main bulletin to ensure you are still signed up! 

 Have a great weekend,

Mr Richards

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