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Mr Bevis' Words Autumn Term Week 2

I think the theme of this week’s notes should be energy... beginning with the energy being released during the thunder and lightning produced as cold air met warm air over Maidenhead. The aftermath of the deluge, disrupting transport all around the region was a fragmented start to the day on Friday but I am so grateful for the work of all of the admin staff and teachers for ensuring that everybody was accounted for in and in lessons by 9.15.

The weather impacted upon the activities but not the success of the Year 8 trip to Lulworth and Osmington Bay. Nothing inspires more than seeing physical geography in the raw, and then engaging with it in a range of adventure activities. Year 7 also had a challenging day on the water on Monday when they sailed, built rafts and raced them and then were confounded by land based problem solving games.

Both year groups are now more knowledgeable, but more importantly better able to work together and see the strengths of others. Many thanks to all the staff that have been involved in running those brilliant opportunities.

So next week. Please note that the full activity programme swings into action on Monday. Friday is Jeans for Genes, and we shall be supporting this charity in the usual way and please do not forget to remind your daughter to bring a £1 for the privilege of wearing jeans for the day. Some guidance notes are included elsewhere in the bulletin.

Year 9 begin their internet and social media education programme, kicked off by a session from our external consultant Paul Hay. They will then be engaged in a range of activities culminating in giving a presentation to their peers and then the school. Please note that there is an important parents session on Wednesday 28 February - please put this date in your diary.

Our annual Speech Day takes place on Tuesday 22nd, and it is an opportunity to reward and acknowledge the academic efforts and achievements of out so many of our young people. As a school we are fortunate to be able to showcase a huge range of academic achievement alongside recognising those that have gone above and beyond. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

So a rather shortened set of notes from me this week, back to some more ruminative thoughts next week.


The energy of the mind is the essence of life.


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