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Words from Mr Bevis Summer week 1

As ever it has been exhilarating to welcome everybody back to school. Fortunately wherever they have been - at home or in localities more exotic they have returned refreshed and rejuvenated, including my colleagues! Not much news this week given the holiday but much to look forward to in the immediate future.

One thing to report with some pleasure was the brilliant way in which our Year 10s took on the challenge of their first Duke of Edinburgh training walk and camp. Great to see them working with previous unfamiliar peers, getting to grips with relating map to ground, putting up a tent and cooking a meal from scratch. As I am one of the DofE training and assessing staff team I could witness all of this first hand, and to see the huge benefit that young people gain from involvement in such a diverse scheme.

My thanks also to so many staff who gave up parts of their own vacation to accompany ski trips, along with rowing and sailing camps. As I write Year 10 are off to Ypres for their history study tour, and Year 11s came in early for PE moderation. GCSE art and textiles students were also in for a day's extra support.

Next week we have a whole host of LAMDA examinations and this programme has become such a valuable element of our work in both Junior and Senior School. The confidence to present a piece of work on stage in a solo capacity is such a valuable life skill, and one that parent employers tell me is so vital in the professional and business world. It is right therefore that we find time within a crowded curriculum to offer it.

I am looking forward to seeing Year 7 parents on Monday, and a host of prospective parents on Thursday at the Open Morning.

Our assembly on Thursday focused on the news of the General Election and we shall return regularly over the next 8 weeks to ensure that there is a understanding of the issues at stake. We are also intending to have our own mini election in school. I was pleasantly surprised that the school could recognise and name most of the national party leaders! We also looked at recent research that has revealed why shoelaces come undone and wondered why you would bother to find out. Well it's not just of interest to international runners, or sailor and mountaineers, but it has given an insight to how DNA strings might act..... unexpected results from a curious researcher. We reflected on the value of curiosity and being prepared to be a little unexpected.

Have a wonderful weekend.

When we hold back out of laziness, that is when we tie ourselves into knots of boredom.

Walter Annenberg


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