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Weekly Words from Mr Wilding

Every week the Bulletin newsletter is sent home from the School Office highlighting important forthcoming dates and events, along with comments from Mr Wilding about the week gone by. Read below recent messages from the Head's desk.

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  • Mr Wilding's Words Summer 7

    Published 14/06/19, by Nicola Robinson

    As Academic Principal, as well as Head of Senior Boys, I like to consider academic matters first, with all those other elements that surround school life trailing in its wake. This week it is hard not to think first about the weather, with the rain lashing against the windows! Over the next few days, the major public exams at GCSE and A level come to an end, whilst Year 10 complete their year of studies with their terminal exams from their current year of study.  Today, we send home grade cards to parents of pupils in Years 7 to 9 capturing as they do the outcomes from Common Task 3, completed just before half-term. Whilst recognising success and failure may be part of the exam process, within school the learning happens when the student reviews with teacher and parent ‘what went well’ (WWW) and ‘even better if’ (EBI). This process of reflection, thinking about the work is known as ‘Metacognition’, and for the past 2500 years of humanity’s thinking (since the time of Socrates and Plato), it’s the one thing that separates the successful learners above their peers.

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  • Mr Wilding’s Words Summer 6

    Published 07/06/19, by Amy Hewitt

    Back in school now after Half Term, and the next two weeks see public examinations for Year 13 and Year 11 still to the fore; I have been delighted by the conduct of our students this summer, who have been supported so well too by parents, the academic and examination staff.

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  • Mr Wilding’s Words Summer 5

    Published 24/05/19, by Amy Hewitt

    As the strap line picture shows, Half Term week does not look to be set too bad. As we note below, we are now declaring the arrival of Summer, so short sleeves etc. become de rigueur.

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  • Mr Wilding’s Words Summer 4

    Published 17/05/19, by Amy Hewitt

    Amidst the excellent things taking place during our day of celebration with Year 11 last Friday was the first ISA National Choral Celebration, taking place here in Maidenhead, and supported by 24 of our singers and a team of photographers from our Sixth Form.

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  • Mr Wilding’s Words Summer 3

    Published 10/05/19, by Amy Hewitt

    In a week blessed by a Bank Holiday Monday, it seems amazing just how busy we have been.

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  • Mr Wilding’s Words Summer 2

    Published 03/05/19, by Amy Hewitt

    Clearly I jinxed the arrival of summer with my words last week; storm Hannah blew the Circus away last weekend, and it seems we can expect some ground frosts returning this weekend in time for the Bank Holiday. Apologies all.

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  • Mr Wilding’s Words Summer 1

    Published 26/04/19, by Amy Hewitt

    Welcome back one and all to the Summer Term that seems as appropriately named as it could be, with the weather leading up to and over Easter helping us leave the winter blues well behind.

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  • Mr Wilding’s Words Lent 11

    Published 29/03/19, by Amy Hewitt

    This week opened with the very sad news of the death of Mrs Monica Sibley, wife of Alan Sibley, our Latin and French tutor.  Monica was our sports administrator throughout Alan’s tenure as Director of Sport, from 1996 to 2008.

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  • Mr Wilding’s Words Lent 10

    Published 22/03/19, by Amy Hewitt

    Charity Week has carried a unique flavour this year, led by the Sixth Form promotional video,, for the school’s Global charity, the Pearl Foundation, supporting our work in the Gambia. 

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  • Mr Wilding’s Words Lent 9

    Published 15/03/19, by Amy Hewitt

    This week has been overshadowed by the assault on Mr Ansell, Head of Year 8 and Science teacher, at the very end of last week and the disappearance of the Science Department’s skeleton.

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  • Mr Wilding’s Words Lent 8

    Published 08/03/19, by Amy Hewitt

    Every pupil, parent or friend of Claires Court Senior Boys knows we are blessed by having the most Amazing School Receptionist (ASR), Mrs Sharon Adams. Once of the Thames Valley Police, Sharon joined our employ initially as part of the catering team  and then moved to her current role in 2003. As ASR she has rescued countless bags, pupils, staff and parents from umpteen calamities, has been a fount of all knowledge and sage advice for any question from the encyclopaedia of ‘unknown unknowns’ that bedevil school and family life. She is married to Shaun and has 2 grown-up children, Nicola and Mark (CCSB 2004-08, now following a teaching career in Turkey). Sharon and Shaun are moving to Warwickshire at the end of this month, and so leaves her front of office desk that has been such a comfort for us (if not for her, being right near the front door on winter mornings!). Any parents and friends wishing to drop in to see Mrs Adams are very welcome throughout the week beginning 25 March.

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  • Mr Wilding’s Words Lent 7

    Published 01/03/19, by Amy Hewitt

    12 months ago, and Claires Court was enveloped in snow and the Beast from the East was wreaking havoc on journeys to school and sports fixtures. These last 14 days have been eerily warm…...

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