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Weekly Words from Mr Wilding

Every week the Bulletin newsletter is sent home from the School Office highlighting important forthcoming dates and events, along with comments from Mr Wilding about the week gone by. Read below recent messages from the Head's desk.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Summer 5

    Published 22/05/20, by Nicola Robinson

    Dear Parents and Guardians 

    Crikey, it's been hot. But I am not moaning, long may the sunshine continue into June.

    While we are set to open our school gates on Monday 1 June for pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, along with children of key workers, we have also been working on our plans to reintegrate our Year 10 pupils and Year 12 students back to school at a date yet to be confirmed in June. These examination groups have crucial academic responsibilities and we want to ensure we are providing them with every opportunity to excel.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Summer 4

    Published 15/05/20, by Nicola Robinson

    Dear Parents and Guardians

    I hope you have had a safe and healthy week as we move slowly towards the ‘half term’ break next Friday.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Summer 3

    Published 07/05/20, by Nicola Robinson

    Dear Parents and Guardians

    It is a big weekend coming up!

    Everyone is waiting to see what Boris Johnson says on Sunday evening when he announces his plans for the next set of proposals to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Whatever direction the government chooses, we at Claires Court are ready with strategies to continue distance learning where appropriate and to open the School for our families as soon as we are allowed to do so.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Summer 2

    Published 01/05/20, by Nicola Robinson

    Dear Parents and guardians

    I hope you are well and a huge thank you to all of you who have contacted me this week with feedback on your experiences of becoming a temporary support teacher while juggling so many other plates at the same time. Feedback is how we can continue to improve and develop our academic and wellbeing programme. We are sharing a short questionnaire which we ask you to complete here  - we value your opinions and this will help us in our thinking to deliver the best educational experience possible.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Summer 1

    Published 24/04/20, by Nicola Robinson

    Dear parents and guardians - welcome to our first bulletin of the term

    I hope the start of term has been as smooth as can be expected during these troubled times. Herein we have words from the Heads of each division sharing their experiences of the first few days of pupil learning, and I will let you enjoy their stories in the Friday evening sunshine. We also have some reminders of what is coming up in the various challenges that have been set.

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  • Mr Wilding's Words Lent 11

    Published 27/03/20, by Amy Hewitt

    ‘What’s normal anymore?’ - With almost half the planet now in lock-down, and those with front-line duties such as the NHS and Emergency services facing unparalleled challenges, I greet you all kindly and hope that this week’s bulletin finds you, as a family, being able to establish an effective routine for the week.

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  • Mr Wilding’s Words Lent 10

    Published 20/03/20, by Amy Hewitt

    I have written directly to parents in our community and posted on my blog our general arrangements and plans to the end of term, and I am delighted that we were able to bring forward our end of term assembly and awards to pupils to this Friday morning.

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  • Mr Wilding's Words Lent 9

    Published 13/03/20, by Nicola Robinson

    Whilst every week of school is busy, this time of year Claires Court is at its most active, and with every part of our antennae ever focussed on the education, health and care of our children and staff as the Covid-19 epidemic develops, I sense ‘a quiet, determined, responsible leadership in many different situations and contexts’ across our organisation.

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  • Mr Wilding’s Words Lent 8

    Published 06/03/20, by Amy Hewitt

    Year 11 had their first opportunity to take their GCSE Maths exam in January, and we were delighted to receive their results back yesterday; with 89% of both boys and girls achieving at least the required level 4, and with 43% at grades 7, 8 and 9, our pupils have set themselves up really well for their forthcoming full set of GCSEs this coming summer.

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  • Mr Wilding's Words Lent 7

    Published 28/02/20, by Amy Hewitt

    They say that a picture paints a thousand words; though this one of Mrs Levi offering ‘Defib’ and care to Mrs Tarr at the Senior Boys reception desk indicates that all is not as it seems.

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  • Mr Wilding’s Words Lent 6

    Published 14/02/20, by Amy Hewitt

    Pride in our ‘noble’ young people was my message to the School at our awards assembly on Thursday morning. Please do catch my blog this week, because children in school giving their best is why I joined this ‘noblest’ of professions, education.

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  • Mr Wilding’s Words Lent 5

    Published 07/02/20, by Amy Hewitt

    It has been a real pleasure to watch the development of our school council activities this term, which concluded with a presentation of their core ideas for 2020 to the whole school at assembly on Thursday morning. Their choice to focus on the development of further covered areas outside must surely have arisen as a result of the rains that have fallen this winter, whilst indoors they seek to change our behaviours to limit the ‘waste’ from the excess use of electricity and water bottles. Many thanks to our Domestic Bursar, Stephen Rhodes, for sourcing a particularly effective type of drinking fountain/water bottle filter, which is now being installed across the sites. The boys’ have already saved 6,100 bottles - well done them!

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