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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

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Mr Wilding’s Words Lent 8

Every pupil, parent or friend of Claires Court Senior Boys knows we are blessed by having the most Amazing School Receptionist (ASR), Mrs Sharon Adams. Once of the Thames Valley Police, Sharon joined our employ initially as part of the catering team  and then moved to her current role in 2003. As ASR she has rescued countless bags, pupils, staff and parents from umpteen calamities, has been a fount of all knowledge and sage advice for any question from the encyclopaedia of ‘unknown unknowns’ that bedevil school and family life. She is married to Shaun and has 2 grown-up children, Nicola and Mark (CCSB 2004-08, now following a teaching career in Turkey). Sharon and Shaun are moving to Warwickshire at the end of this month, and so leaves her front of office desk that has been such a comfort for us (if not for her, being right near the front door on winter mornings!). Any parents and friends wishing to drop in to see Mrs Adams are very welcome throughout the week beginning 25 March.

Brilliant news coming in all week, from a great Octuple sculling win via the J14 crew at Hammersmith last Saturday in the most prestigious of company, and lots of exciting football games (mostly victories) all week. Year 11 Mathematicians received remarkable early Maths GCSE results this Thursday, with 34% achieving level 7, 8 or 9. World Book day assembly from Mr Wespieser was a completely joyous event,, with the book quiz being won by Jonny Payne (B9). Many thanks to our parents for your close involvement this week, in preparing the Y11 Prom for later in the year, for working hard with B10 tutors through our Academic mentoring sessions and for your keen attendance at the B9 Duke of Edinburgh’s award information evening. A follow-up letter on DofE matters reminding parents and pupils how to sign up will be sent out direct to B9.

I close my words this week with some words of caution to all parents in our community about their children’s use of laptops, tablets and phones late at night. For years we have advised that ‘screens should be switched off by 9pm’.  It has been increasingly obvious that parents are finding this difficult to police and enforce, partly because ‘every other friend’s parents let them play’. As I made clear at the G9 parents evening on Wednesday (yes I do get about, don’t I), the emerging picture of early teenage addiction to ‘gaming and social media’ can be as damaging to their health as alcohol, tobacco and gambling. Two main problems are being caused; forcing a child’s nature to move from daytime to night time and secondly, motivation around anything else other than being on screen reducing rapidly. Our Executive Headteacher, Justin Spanswick, is running an evening for parents on this matter here at the Senior Boys school on Wednesday 27 March, 18:45 for a 19:00 start.  Parents and guardians have received this information earlier this week, and we have over 100 seats booked already. If in doubt, please send one adult to the event, though you can book more adult tickets too. You can read that letter and book tickets here -

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