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Mr Wilding's Words Week 3

Across the school on Friday, we were able to celebrate the school’s 60th birthday with a suitably scrumptious cupcake for every child, young person and adult. 60 years is of course about a lifetime ago, but as I was one of the 19 boys sat in the inaugural photograph, the photocall event I remember quite clearly, even though I was only six at the time.

I mentioned this strongly at the Year 11 awards ceremony held here on Wednesday, at which the leading pupils from their time in Year 10 received their awards. Whilst we could not do a lot of handshaking, I was able to ensure the boys heard some inspiring words from their former headmaster, John Rayer (back on our staff coaching rowing), supported by President of the PTA Phyllis Avery, MBE, and PTA trustee Trevor Sharkey. The group photo shows the prizewinners as a whole, and the duo is of Year 10 learner of the year, William receiving his certificate from the previous incumbent, Raphael.


Claires Court as a whole held its first ‘virtual open day’ this morning, and whilst the occasion was really very surreal, nevertheless it was really comforting that so many visitors chose to visit us in this way. Now back in school, we are learning all sorts of new things about blending technology with real life, one of which as teachers is how to try not to react too badly when the ‘hamster ate my Chromebook’ excuse is given. Here are three easy tips for parents at home to support their children and their use of chromebooks.

  1. We will always expect to set our part twos (homework) online in Google Classroom, which pops up also in the boys’ calendar to remind them when it is due by. They can see their work-to-do in their Google Classroom flow and in their calendar.

  2. Most lessons are not about ‘using their chromebook’ only, so if they leave it at home, please do not bring it in. A wonderful alternative called paper exists, and any follow-up work online can be caught up once your son logs back in.

  3. Please ensure the Chromebook is put on charge overnight, so the device has sufficient charge to last the next day.

And finally we look forward to seeing our boys back in their blazers on non-PE days next week, optional from Monday 28 September but compulsory for all after half term.

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