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Mr Wilding's Words Week 11

#LockdownWeek2 comes to an end with an almost full return to work in school for Years 7, 8, 9 and 11, and we really do look forward to seeing Year 10 back in school next Monday. I extend a huge thank you to my staff, pupils and parents for making this unusual period of nine days intermittent in-and-out school learning work so well. The new features of MEETS, with break-out rooms, polls and Q&As all assist in creating engagement, and the work being done (by all accounts) has ensured we have remained a productive academic community.

The fun arrival of the week has been the release of a first cut of “A day in the life of a Year 7 Boy at Claires Court”, filmed by Mandy Temple over a number of days, creating a five minute glimpse into their world - and it is both informing and inspiring. Whilst the film is a first ‘cut’, I share it in all its glory now. 

Thursday’s remarkably informative Assembly on cyber safety by Mr Boulton shocked even the hardened digital natives in the school, highlighting just how careful we all must be when we live our lives online. I share the video recording with you; it’s precision and accuracy is an object lesson to us all. 

Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson has updated the arrangements for next Summer’s exams, and we will have a draft copy of the summer GCSE exams schedule as well to share with parents and Year 11 candidates for next Tuesday, and in addition share with individuals their updated attainment and A2L grades for Year 11 at the same time. Some of the subjects DO NOT have the three week remission promised (English Literature and History), so we will be trawling through the details over the break and release our updated curriculum statements at the start of next term, once GCSE teaching staff have trimmed accordingly. 

And finally, Mrs Olivier and Mr Roach have been creating our Carol Service for the end of term, with readers and musicians drawn from Senior Boys and staff. We are broadcasting the service from 8.45am on Tuesday 15 December for 30 minutes. Please join us for that service by watching the live stream here.

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