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Mr Wilding's words Lent week 5

Last week’s “Be the Light in the Darkness” neatly segued into this week’s theme, that of children and families’ wellbeing. Patron of Place2Be, the sponsoring charity is Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and her short video reminds us of the importance of finding those creative outlets to express ourselves and to consider parental wellbeing too. The video is very short, so spoil yourself! 

Our boys have taken every opportunity to feedback to us their thoughts on their wellbeing through the questionnaires released to accompany this week’s activities, and the genuine positive responses to all that we are doing have been heartwarming to read. In return, we have already made first reply to their major recommendations, which of course are to increase the efficiency still further of what we do, without adding to their screen-time at work. You can watch Mr Bretherton’s excellent wellbeing assembly on Thursday here; it’s a ‘Master Class’ all of its own, and I am so fortunate to be supported by such talented colleagues. 

Next week sees the curtailing of Part 2 homeworks to enable the conclusion and mopping up of the first half term’s work by next Friday, permitting school to look forward to half term with a clear conscience. Moreover, with the first two weeks or so of the second half commencing with common task assessments, we will keep a tight rein on new homework assignments so that everyone has time for independent revision, practice. Our sights are very much set on returning to school on Monday 8 March, and the days in-school learning then are very much going to be hands-on doing things, screens-off!

We have been given much credit for calling the public exam shots ‘right’ this year, and the announcements this week from EdExcel and Cambridge Exam boards that their IGCSE exams are to follow the same pattern of assessment as the other English GCSE boards confirms our approach of balancing exams with on-going coursework in school. It is clear that both Year 11 and Year 13 feel more secure that public exams and University offers are going to match their deserved efforts in school; the remaining magic needed is to ensure both teachers and students stay connected for the remaining five months of the academic year. We will do our very best to keep that ‘sparkle’ out and about!

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