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Mr Wilding's words Autumn week 5

It's been really good this week to welcome Year 11 back into the classroom, and they deserve the fullest credit for the mature and focussed way they participated last week in their GCSE Mocks. We are looking forward to welcoming their parents back into school for the first time since they made their GCSE choices - escorted of course by their lovely lads who can enjoy the reflected glory of their exams done well (we hope 🤞).

There's been of course a degree of academic pressure ramping up underneath, as boys start realising that Academic grades cards go home over half-term, our first set of accountability measures for parents and guardians to read. The cards also carry home other data too, such as attendance information; this may be the first time EVER I thanked parents for keeping such a close eye on the health of their children, with flus and headaches forcing an absence perhaps a little quicker than in the past. As two of my four deputies have 'flu', we know this is no joke; the nurses made available flu jabs for all of our staff last Monday, and parents can choose for their sons to have a flu spray on Wednesday, all designed of course to keep school healthy and in attendance.

Finally thanks to those parents who made it in on Tuesday evening for our digital safety presentation with Paul Hay, and for our adolescent relationship guidance from Andrew Hampton. Elsewhere you will see their presentations, but as Andrew Hampton's insights into adolescent friendships have won world-wide acclaim, feel free to have a quick view of this explainer video here

These ideas for girls, and indeed that wider set needed to manage girl-boy, and boy-boy relationships, 'creating cultures of mutual respect' are very much the focus of our daily lives at Claires Court.

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