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Mr Wilding's words Lent week 6

May I take this opportunity as we close for the February half-term to thank parents and guardians so much for their careful support and ongoing communications with us at school over the past six weeks. I was able to make clear at a ‘whole school in-person assembly’ this morning that it’s been a pretty challenging time for all, most notably in house, as so many of our adults in school have been impacted by Covid positive tests. Despite all that, school has kept going well, safely and in a timely manner, activities and fixtures running and even the kitchen able to run effectively throughout!

As parents will recall from our various announcements with regards to our pastoral education so far this year, we have been updating our approach to include the major on-line tools of JIGSAW (PSHE) and Careers (Unifrog). As a consequence, we have now updated our written content for the PSHE programme published in our various year group curriculum guides. We have taken some specific actions with regards to the compulsory element of Relationship & Sex Education (RSE), to ensure that those components of the programme supported by our school nurses in their work are very clearly signposted. 

We are holding a whole school video conference for parents and guardians on Tuesday evening, 8 March from 7pm, Entitled Claires Court’s approach to Relationship & Sex Education, we will be joined by Marilyn Hawes, one of our independent advisory consultants whose campaign ‘Freedom from Abuse’ sees her lead the country’s thinking in this regards. Marilyn was also awarded “Most inspirational Woman of the year 2017” for her work in this field, where she passionately believes victims need not make their childhood abuse a life sentence –with appropriate therapy and support systems they can thrive - not merely survive!

Evening schedule

  • 7am Introductions by 2 of our headteachers, Stephanie Rogers (Sixth Form) and Leanne Kirby (Juniors).
  • 7.10pm Marilyn Hawes outlines the current challenges for schools and families
  • 7.30pm Questions
  • 7.40pm Secondary Deputy Head Pastoral Huw Buckle and Victoria Ruddick speak about how RSE fits into the secondary schedule
  • 7.50pm SRN Nicola Bose explains how, in practice, she teaches a Year 7 lesson 
  • 8pm further Q&A
  • 8.15pm Final words and thank - James Wilding 

The event will be recorded and made available on the school website.

And finally, as a sign that extraordinary things still happen, the Olympic Torch came to meet with our Living Tennis players at Bisham Abbey this week, and asked for a photocall with them:

Tennis boys holding olympic torch - Mohan M (Year 7) Danny J and Harry Ca (Year 8)

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