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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mr Rayer's Words Summer 8

The good weather has returned so please check the results section for all the Cricket scores.

Examination Result cards are being sent home today, Mrs Selzer has contacted any boys we have concerns for and please remember this is a one off exam, their Year grade released with their Summer report may well be different.

A busy week for the athletes with the National ISA on Monday and Sports Day on the Friday along with the cricket, rowing and sailing events, please ensure the boys talk with their coaches.

Good news for Year 11 their exams finish on Monday (most are already complete) and they have their Thorpe Park celebration next Friday.

I hope to see as many parents and boys on Saturday supporting the School Fete, always a great event!

Lastly I counted in six cyclists in today without helmets, whilst I encourage the boys to use their bikes please ensure they are wearing the correct safety gear.

So as you look at the firefighter with his rake, hose or axe,
His beet red face or ice covered mustache,
You should know why he goes through that smoky front door,
And is forced to crawl like a baby down on the floor.
He does it to save both lives and property,
All that is precious to you and to me.
So take a good look at this modern warrior who serves his call proud and true,
And know that he would die just to save me and you.

Robert J Athans

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