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Weekly Words from Mrs Rogers

Every week the Bulletin newsletter is sent home from the School Office highlighting important forthcoming dates and events, along with a round-up by Mrs Rogers and the team about the week gone by.  Read below recent messages from the Head's desk.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Summer 5

    Published 22/05/20, by Nicola Robinson

    Dear Parents and Guardians 

    Crikey, it's been hot. But I am not moaning, long may the sunshine continue into June.

    While we are set to open our school gates on Monday 1 June for pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, along with children of key workers, we have also been working on our plans to reintegrate our Year 10 pupils and Year 12 students back to school at a date yet to be confirmed in June. These examination groups have crucial academic responsibilities and we want to ensure we are providing them with every opportunity to excel.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Summer 4

    Published 15/05/20, by Nicola Robinson

    Dear Parents and Guardians

    I hope you have had a safe and healthy week as we move slowly towards the ‘half term’ break next Friday.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Summer 3

    Published 07/05/20, by Nicola Robinson

    Dear Parents and Guardians

    It is a big weekend coming up!

    Everyone is waiting to see what Boris Johnson says on Sunday evening when he announces his plans for the next set of proposals to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Whatever direction the government chooses, we at Claires Court are ready with strategies to continue distance learning where appropriate and to open the School for our families as soon as we are allowed to do so.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Summer 2

    Published 01/05/20, by Nicola Robinson

    Dear Parents and guardians

    I hope you are well and a huge thank you to all of you who have contacted me this week with feedback on your experiences of becoming a temporary support teacher while juggling so many other plates at the same time. Feedback is how we can continue to improve and develop our academic and wellbeing programme. We are sharing a short questionnaire which we ask you to complete here  - we value your opinions and this will help us in our thinking to deliver the best educational experience possible.

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  • Mr Spanswick's Words Summer 1

    Published 24/04/20, by Nicola Robinson

    Dear parents and guardians - welcome to our first bulletin of the term

    I hope the start of term has been as smooth as can be expected during these troubled times. Herein we have words from the Heads of each division sharing their experiences of the first few days of pupil learning, and I will let you enjoy their stories in the Friday evening sunshine. We also have some reminders of what is coming up in the various challenges that have been set.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Words Lent 11

    Published 27/03/20, by Nicola Robinson

    What a difference a few days and a microscopic virus has made to our lives. And what a heartwarming outpouring of gratitude to the NHS we witnessed at 8pm last night. Our world, our society, our communities are changing and evolving, something for which the human race has an aptitude. Our own Claires Court community has certainly become closer and even more supportive.

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  • Mrs Rogers Words Lent 10

    Published 20/03/20, by Nicola Robinson

    This week, with the rapid and significant changes we are experiencing as a society, in our school community and as families, I am mindful of Dickens' words - 'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.' The students have shown determination and resilience, despite the unsettling news that their terminal exams have been cancelled, continuing to think of others despite dealing with uncertainty themselves. They have shown the very best of themselves, wearing fancy dress and taking to the netball court to enjoy a gentle (well, most of the time!) but competitive game with their focus on fundraising for the Alexander Devine Children's Hospice. On the sidelines, to ensure we retained the life balance which is so important, wry smile as I type, other Sixth Formers were selling Krispy Kremes which disappeared faster than the netballers could move the ball from one end of the court to the other! In all, the Sixth Form raised £120 for our local charity which we will present once life returns to a new normal.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Weekly Words Lent 9

    Published 12/03/20, by Kim Hall

    Year 13 students now have their mock exam results back which gives them a clearer picture of how to identify the firm and insurance degree course choices they should be making. It is an exciting time for them as they narrow down the original selection of five courses to just two. It also serves to focus their attention on topics, concepts, theories and the technical aspects of answering questions smartly. Many students have already secured accommodation and should now be turning their thoughts to arranging finance. You will note in this week's bulletin a number of links to Student Finance England, the Quick Start Finance Guide, Student Loans - A Guide, Student Finance - How You're Paid and the Martyn Lewis website which contains lots of useful information. Each of these publications offers step by step guidance on how to complete and submit the application.

    In simple terms, students apply online for finance and complete this process before Friday 22 May 2020 to ensure the loan is secured. Last year, a total of 800,000 loans were taken with more than 250,000 applications submitted in the first month alone.  

    Derek Ross, Student Loan Company Executive Director of Operations, said: “The launch of the application service is one of the biggest dates in the student finance calendar. It means that students can get on with the important job of getting their student finances sorted. The application takes 30 minutes to complete online and for most students the process will be straightforward. However, we know that some individuals require extra support and our team of expert staff are ready to help them.”

    Here are some ‘top tips’ to help students with different circumstances get their student finances sorted in plenty of time for the new academic year.

    • Apply early to get finances in place before the beginning of the course.  
    • Keep contact details up-to-date, including any changes to your email address.
    • Have important documents to hand.

    Students will also need their National Insurance Number and passport details to hand before starting their application as they will be asked for this information when they apply.

    Having their final course choices made, accommodation arranged and student finance in place will leave students free to focus fully on plugging gaps in their knowledge and to practise answering questions under timed conditions. I trust you find the links and information provided here helpful.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Weekly Words Lent 8

    Published 06/03/20, by Kim Hall

    ITV, Harlequins, Saracens, Twickenham, Wycombe Heights, The Marlow Club and Maidenhead United are just some of the organisations our Year 13 BTEC students have spent a week with on work experience, and they have returned to school buzzing with excitement! A recent survey showed two thirds of employers look for individuals with relevant work experience because it helps them prepare for work and develop general business awareness. It may not give students time to develop job-specific skills, but it certainly provides insight into the work involved. And our students have renewed enthusiasm and purpose in their studies, recognising the links between the units of work they are covering and how the knowledge and understanding gained applies to the workplace.

    Ollie worked for Sportingclass, organising bespoke corporate golf events and rugby training days at a premier facility. Louis' time with Magpies in the Community culminated with him leading football coaching sessions. Harry W worked in sports marketing, learning about sponsorship deals including those with Adidas and DHL. Not only did Josh impress the golf pro through the warm ups he led at Wycombe Heights, he was offered a part time job there! Harry J worked with the Saracens Sports Foundation, focusing on marketing and the media while Ben was planning and assisting the personal training team at a local health club. Georgia is considering a career in sports journalism and had an incredible week working at ITV on Good Morning Britain, Lorraine and ITV Sports. She was especially interested in all the work that happened behind the cameras! At LVS, Becky assisted in PE lessons especially enjoying getting in the pool for swimming lessons with the junior pupils as they developed water confidence.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Weekly Words Lent 7

    Published 28/02/20, by Kim Hall

    This week has taken its toll on our students! Ed, Anna, Harry, Kayla and Simon, pictured here, have taken 32 exams, totalling more than 62 hours between them! Mock exams are an important indicator of how well they can apply their knowledge and understanding to unseen questions and they also highlight where there are 'gaps' and misunderstandings too. Practising time management and honing exam technique are equally useful. Despite the significant number of papers the Year 12 and Year 13 students have maintained a positive attitude and growth mindset throughout. 

    What has impressed me most is the support they have extended to one another, a kind word, a smile, maybe a bag of giant chocolate buttons! The sense of community we enjoy in the Sixth Form becomes of paramount importance when our students are under pressure, revising for exams which are a trial run for the real thing. Staff too have encouraged, nurtured and amused them between papers, reminding them that effective preparation is key to success and also that knowing they have done their best is essential.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Weekly Words Lent 6

    Published 14/02/20, by Kim Hall

    The rule of eight, ably presented by Ed, Emma and Anna in our photo of the week. In the immortal words of Evelyn Knight (and the Ray Charles singers) 'Lucky, lucky, lucky me - I work eight hours, and sleep eight hours. That leaves eight hours for fun!' This has become our Sixth Form students anthem over the past couple of weeks as they step up to the February half term nine day challenge! 

    With mock exams straight after half term I am confident students will adopt the routine suggested, ensuring they do not try to complete eight consecutive hours of smart, targeted revision but break up their study sessions with regular breaks and physical exercise. Year 12 and Year 13 students have their mock timetables and the wonderful Mrs Hall went through exam procedure today, reminding them to be in school no later than 8.45am (our normal expectation anyway) to ensure they are calm before starting their papers. Mrs Hall has also sent the relevant information to each student via their email account, so they can check the details again.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Weekly Words Lent 5

    Published 07/02/20, by Kim Hall

    Today, like every other day in the Sixth Form, has been jam packed with activity and opportunity. Anouska and Josh, pictured here, attended the PTA AGM with me, to say a huge 'thank you' to our PTA for all the support they give us throughout the year. Amongst their contributions are the 'Aim High' awards which enhances our celebration of Year 12 during the summer term, the funding of the photo booth at the Sixth Form Ball as well as the donation of farewell gifts to our Year 13 students at their leavers event. 

    Maud Millar, CEO and Co-Founder of the 'getadapt' smart phone free app which enables students to create comprehensive, specification based revision plans on their mobiles in minutes, spoke to the students about the app in assembly. With mocks and summer exams on the horizon, it will be an invaluable tool for all to use. Technology can be incredibly helpful.

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