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Weekly Words from Mrs Rogers

Every week the Bulletin newsletter is sent home from the School Office highlighting important forthcoming dates and events, along with a round-up by Mrs Rogers and the team about the week gone by.  Read below recent messages from the Head's desk.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Words Summer Week 8

    Published 24/06/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    We use and respond to feedback all the time - there is nothing better than a colleague or our line manager telling us how well we have run a project or how impressed they are with our problem solving and resourcefulness.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Words Summer Week 7

    Published 17/06/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    Our students and staff have made a significant difference in our own school and wider local communities this week.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Words Summer Week 6

    Published 09/06/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    Whether you are a fan of the Royal family or not, Queen Elizabeth II can teach us a thing or two about leadership and humanity.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Words Summer Week 5

    Published 27/05/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    Broadening our horizons through sharing in each other’s cultural customs and traditions deepens friendship and understanding. This week Ruslana, Valeriia and Maryna have been encouraging us to do exactly that in Food Technology.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Words Summer Week 4

    Published 20/05/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    This week I challenged Year 12 to ‘step up’ now that Year 13 are on study leave and focused on their exams. And stepping up encompasses a variety of expectations.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Words Summer Week 3

    Published 13/05/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    Friday 13 is synonymous with bad luck and while I am not superstitious, today I do feel unlucky;  Year 13 has officially started study leave and I will miss seeing them all every day!

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  • Mrs Rogers' Words Summer Week 2

    Published 06/05/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    A growth mindset, teamwork and leadership are some of the most important competencies employers look for when recruiting.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Words Summer Week 1

    Published 29/04/22, by Anneliese Brackin

    A sincere thank you for the significant and mature contribution by our Heads of School, Student Leaders and musicians who participated reverently and respectfully at our Commemoration Service just before the Easter break.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Words Lent Week 11

    Published 01/04/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    April Fools’ Day, or All Fools’ Day, gets its name from the custom of playing harmless practical jokes. It has been celebrated for centuries but its true origins are unknown.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Words Lent Week 10

    Published 25/03/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    Year 12 students took full advantage of speaking with student ambassadors from a variety of universities at the Higher Education Exhibition this week.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Words Lent Week 9

    Published 17/03/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    ‘Don’t tell me how talented you are, tell me how hard you work.’ (Arthur Rubinstein). I would add it’s not just about working hard, but working ‘smart’ or effectively too.

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  • Mrs Rogers' Words Lent Week 8

    Published 10/03/22, by Catherine Corrigan

    ‘Can we support the families of Ukraine in some way?’ This was the first matter on the student’s agenda at my weekly meeting with our Heads and Deputy Heads of School on Monday.

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