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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Head of Sixth Form Lent 6

Dr Gunther von Hagens’ renowned exhibition of real human bodies has sparked curiosity and awe around the world for many years and boasts over 47 million visitors globally. This week our PE students attended this remarkable exhibition to 'journey through the human body and discover the magic and mysteries that lie underneath the skin.' They experienced a unique, exciting and interactive journey through the human body, which has been described by many as ‘emotional’, ‘extraordinary’ and even ‘life-changing’. The exhibition’s goal is to create an educational experience for visitors to explore and witness the human body first hand. Our students were enthralled by this in-depth exploration of the human body; Body Worlds presented anatomy in a way they had never experienced through conventional textbooks, educational tools and lessons. This trip illustrates the invaluable opportunities our students are given in the Sixth Form, opportunities to enhance knowledge and understanding by learning outside the classroom. The skills students learn in our enrichment programme are designed to support their studies and well-being, as well as helping to prepare them for an independent life beyond school.

To enable students to manage the inevitable stress any type of test or exam initiates, we invited Rachael Williams, professional counsellor, to speak at our assembly this morning. She highlighted the importance of mindfulness and well-being and outlined various strategies students can use to manage anxiety appropriately and she encouraged them to achieve a balance of physical activity, rest and relaxation, nutritious meals and high quality sleep alongside revision. It is in this spirit of achieving a healthy active, balanced lifestyle that I wish you an enjoyable weekend and a peaceful half term. If you could keep the tea and hobnobs (or carrot sticks and hummus) going throughout next week, I am sure your sons and daughters will have the energy to prepare thoroughly for their mocks and ultimately build the confidence and competence that will be invaluable to them.

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