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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Head of Sixth Form Summer 8

Do you agree with AJ Heschel? “People of our time are losing the power of celebration. Instead of celebrating we seek to be amused or entertained. Celebration is an active state, an act of expressing reverence or appreciation."

For my part, I live life in an 'active state' every day and I believe in the importance of recognising and celebrating the remarkable achievements of our students, in all their many and varied forms. Last night we actively celebrated the conclusion of our Year 13s time in the Sixth Form by meeting together, with Year 12 too, at the Crowne Plaza for our Summer Ball, sharing a delicious three course meal, then working off the calories, again very actively, on the dance floor! There was conversation, laughter and nostalgia as we looked back over the incredible roller coaster ride we have shared over the past two years. Each of these amazing individuals have recently been focused on preparing for and sitting their final exams which are their passport on to university, into an apprenticeship, employment or on to a meaningful gap year. Now that pinch point has been negotiated there is no more appropriate response than to celebrate! Seeing the camaraderie they share with each other and their teachers last night reminded me of how we affect and are affected by those we spend most time with and it has been a privilege for our Sixth Form team to have worked closely in helping shape and be shaped by the outgoing Year 13 cohort. View the full gallery here.

Year 12 are not forgotten, in fact we are looking forward with great excitement to the inaugural 'Celebration of Year 12' on Friday 5 July 2019 from 9.30-11am in our hall, to which you, parents of said students, are warmly invited. The intention is to actively celebrate the incredible talents and accomplishments of this extraordinary group of young people who have 'wowed' us with their music, acting, sports performances, charity work, attitude to learning and focused work ethic over the past academic year. This week I interviewed some exceptional students who have applied for roles on the Sixth Form Student Leadership Team. The outcomes of the democratic staff and student vote following today's quite stunning Hustings display by each one of them will be announced during this very celebration. Last year's outgoing Heads of School and our Academic Principal, James Wilding, will bestow these honours on our incoming Heads and Deputy Heads of School, those individuals who have been elected by our community to represent our community.

We at Claires Court have not lost the 'power of celebration' and we will continue to 'express reverence and appreciation' for the myriad of sensational contributions from the students leaving us, those now moving up to emulate their legacy and the incoming students who will make their mark in the coming academic year. To be fair, Heschel's words were spoken some decades ago; they serve as a reminder of the eternal importance of acknowledging and honouring those that enrich our lives. So, please join us on Friday 5 July to express 'reverence and appreciation' for our current Year 12 students.


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