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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Head of Sixth Form Autumn 4

Oliver and David conceived and organised a winning sports event for fellow students to participate in this week - a dodgeball tournament!

It attracted more than 20 players, divided into 5 teams and was played with incredible enthusiasm and competitiveness! There were plenty of supporters cheering on the competitors and match after match was keenly contested. Before we knew it, the final whistle was blown and the tournament was over. Only one team won all their games but everyone enjoyed taking part and agreed another dodgeball event should be arranged soon! Students gave generously to The Gambia Fund and close to £30 was raised. With only a month before our intrepid adventurers set off for Brufut, the occasion was intended to 'make a difference' which it will.

As well as tracking the time left before we wish our students a good trip we are also tracking and monitoring the progress and development of their learning before half term. To track means “to follow”, rather like following a car's motion on the Uber App;  while to monitor means “to watch” in the same way the “Ring” app “monitors” your front door so you can actually see it through the app, and when someone arrives, you can physically “monitor” and “observe” what is happening, in real time. Likewise, it is helpful to a student’s progress to track the academic assessments they experience each year and look at the outcomes at those checkpoints. Year 12 students are taking their first subject based assessments since beginning Sixth Form next week, while Year 13 are sitting internal tests. For Year 12 it is the first point of tracking their movement through Key Stage 5; for both year groups it is an opportunity to observe the quality of their work and to gauge their attitude to learning. Consistent, targeted and SMART work is fundamental to success in A Level and Level 3 study and I look forward to seeing results which reflect the best outcomes from each individual. 

I am delighted to announce the Sixth Form will be delivering professional standard qualifications to students later this term in conjunction with Prodigy Learning. Most importantly the Microsoft Office and Adobe 2020 programmes will equip students with industry standard skills recognised by employers; it  will enhance their CVs too. Our relationship with Prodigy Learning is extremely beneficial to us and I look forward to congratulating our first cohort of graduates on their successful completion of the Microsoft Office programme before Christmas (I think I have used that seasonal word even before John Lewis this year!). I will ensure you hear more about the process of enrolling in due course. In the meantime, anyone for dodgeball?

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