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from Nursery to Sixth Form

Head of Sixth Form Autumn 5

'I didn't realise how many creative courses existed and how many universities offered them. This exhibition has changed my thinking and instead of a finance degree I am keen to explore a photography or digital animation course.' - Alfie.

The UCAS 'Create Your Future' Exhibition, which a number of our Year 12 and Year 13 students, including Alfie, attended at Earls Court on Tuesday, has certainly captured their imagination and inspired many to review their career aspirations. The day provided students with a unique face to face opportunity to talk with course leaders and current students from hundreds of creative courses, traineeships and careers in design, music and the performing arts - and all under one roof. Industry specialists were able to answer questions and give invaluable advice to our students on how to write an irresistible personal statement and on the type of work experience most relevant to their career ambitions.

Now, more than ever, employees with creative skills are increasingly in demand. You will be familiar with STEM, in which Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering skills have been the focus in education. As modern educators, we have a responsibility to prepare the students we work with for a world now dependent on STEAM based skills where 'A' stands for 'Art'. The job market continues to demand more qualified individuals able to work with, as well as, develop cutting edge technology. it is our role in schools to equip our learners with the specific and transferable skills they will need.

STEAM education covers a wide range of concepts and skills; at one end critical thinking and collaboration, at the other, in-depth skills including engineering and coding. These skills will be essential to employment for our young men and women. Careers and opportunities to work in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are rapidly accelerating so preparing students with additional creative skills is vital. 

For the past 8 years, Claires Court has worked with Google to develop education worthy apps. The G-Suite continues to grow in terms of the variety of tools available and the quality of the user experience. It is vital that our Sixth Form students are getting the best opportunities we can provide them with to ensure they acquire relevant, collaborative and valuable work-ready skills before moving on to university or directly into employment. So as they work together on joint presentations in Google Classroom on Slides; generate Google Forms; work with Lucidchart Diagrams; update their knowledge of the apps via Google Training; store work in Google Cloud or have a 'virtual chat' in Google Hangouts, students are developing the myriad skills needed to succeed. 

Only this week statistics confirm the importance of learning technology skills in school. A report by CWJobs confirms over two thirds of UK businesses recommend it, with Director Dominic Harvey explaining: 'the entire workforce need to be embracing technology if the country is to remain competitive on the world stage.' With Brexit to be decided this month, it is even more reassuring to know our students are being well prepared for the next stage of their lives.

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