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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Head Of Sixth Form Autumn 6

If we are what we eat then I must be a warm Christmas muffin! Sorry to mention Christmas this side of half term, but our Sixth Form chefs have given me no choice following their culinary exploits this week. As part of our enrichment programme Mrs Irons has been working with a group of students to increase their cookery skills and knowledge in preparation for university and ultimately independent living. Our cooks have made numerous types of bread, pastry, sauces and cakes and can even bone a whole chicken! They will never go hungry. In fact, judging by the quality of the food they are making they will be the most popular students in halls and we know how central food is in bringing people together and forging friendships.

Our Gambia adventurers have also made their mark this week, holding a Bake Sale on Tuesday, selling delicious brownies, cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts and krispy cakes. In just half an hour over two hundred items were sold and enjoyed, boosting the charity fund by an extra £230. Well done to everyone involved, including Ms Bell who made the doughnut dawn raid on Krispy Kremes! With less than a week before 'wheels up' and the students fly off to Brufut, excitement is building. Activity plans to engage the local children are being finalised, last minute shopping for appropriate clothes is underway, including 'team t shirts' and vaccinations are done. The Gambia JustGiving Page will be officially 'launched' on Saturday, at Fireworks Evening. Look out for Sixth Formers in hi-viz, helping you park and give us a wave! A number of our students are also on ergos, demonstrating the many benefits of rowing. Please pop in and cheer them on.

On an academic note Year 13 have impressed with the quality of their personal statements and the early applications for Cambridge and vetmedicine are virtually ready to submit. Internal tests have seen a number of student bump their UCAS grade up too and Tuesday's Parents Evening was punctuated with positive conversation. Year 12 have been experiencing their first assessments in Sixth Form designed to establish they are on the courses which best suit their gifts and talents. Monday's Parent Evening will be an opportunity to discuss these matters further and decide whether it is time to focus on three subjects going forward.

I am popping off to the Food Tech room as I close - apparently a three tier sponge is about to be decorated and I do not want to miss out on that. Enjoy the weekend and I hope to see you on Saturday.

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