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Mrs Rogers' Weekly Words Lent 7

This week has taken its toll on our students! Ed, Anna, Harry, Kayla and Simon, pictured here, have taken 32 exams, totalling more than 62 hours between them! Mock exams are an important indicator of how well they can apply their knowledge and understanding to unseen questions and they also highlight where there are 'gaps' and misunderstandings too. Practising time management and honing exam technique are equally useful. Despite the significant number of papers the Year 12 and Year 13 students have maintained a positive attitude and growth mindset throughout. 

What has impressed me most is the support they have extended to one another, a kind word, a smile, maybe a bag of giant chocolate buttons! The sense of community we enjoy in the Sixth Form becomes of paramount importance when our students are under pressure, revising for exams which are a trial run for the real thing. Staff too have encouraged, nurtured and amused them between papers, reminding them that effective preparation is key to success and also that knowing they have done their best is essential.

Before half term I explained the 'rule of eight'; this week I want to draw your attention to the 'rule of 150', or the Dunbar Number, which states that the size of an effective social network is limited to 150 members. Social scientists suggest a person can remember and respond to no more than 150 other people. In my experience, this is an accurate theory; the numbers in our Sixth Form have never exceeded this figure and as a result I am able to enjoy the company, wit and conversation of each member of Year 12 and Year 13, knowing their name, programme of study, favourite football team and their long term ambitions - at least of those who have decided what to do at the end of Sixth Form. It is what makes our community a secure, purposeful and friendly environment to be a valued part of.

I have advised them to prioritise 'r&r' this weekend - they deserve to take time out to be with friends and family, to recharge and come back next week, ready for the inevitable forensic analysis of their efforts. 

In the meantime, keep warm and let's hope the meteorologists are correct and we avoid the force of Storm Jorge!

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