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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mrs Rogers' words summer week 4

A number of Sixth Form teachers and students are joining a local initiative on Saturday 5 June, which is World Environment Day. Are you able to join us?

The Rotary Clubs of Maidenhead and Maidenhead Bridge are organising a litter picking challenge to encourage us to get out in the fresh air and participate in an eco-friendly activity that will make a huge difference to the area. You can register here. They are also planning to plant trees locally, using donations, to further impact the environment.

Nature is the focus of Mental Health Week 2021 and I am sure you, like me, have spent more time on walks by the river, through woodlands and parks, in the garden and other green spaces over the past 15 months; connecting with nature is a fundamental human need and has a powerful, positive effect on our wellbeing. 

And we don’t even need to go out to connect with nature - we can enjoy the dawn chorus, a cacophony of sound as birds defend their territory and try to impress a potential mate with their musical talent gets started at 4.30am, although I must confess, I am not awake to enjoy the opening numbers, but stirring to the sound of our nesting song thrush is a real treat. Chatting to the students today, it was no surprise that they are not awake for the dawn chorus either, but many do enjoy getting out in the fresh air, taking a break from their studies either running, cycling, mowing the lawn, horse riding or sleeping on a sun lounger (probably not this weekend though!). And when pressed on their dream holiday, white sand beaches, swimming in azure waters, surfing the waves and snorkelling were top of the list - we can hope! 

Students are very aware of the importance of getting outdoors to help reduce stress. Getting the sun on their faces is scientifically proven to help regulate the diurnal cycle and improve the duration and quality of sleep patterns, key to good mental health. Let’s hope the weather forecast for the weekend is wrong. Whatever you do, enjoy it and if you are short of ideas, it is ‘National Dance Like a Chicken Day’ today so get flapping and strutting - maybe you could tweet your moves too!

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