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Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mrs Rogers' words summer week 7

It has been thrilling to hear Year 12 students discussing undergraduate courses and universities this week as the focus on UCAS has increased.

During PSHE sessions each individual has begun (some have even completed) the process of filling in their UCAS application form and the sense of purposeful research into the seemingly endless range of courses available at a variety of types of higher education institutions has been palpable. This is the time of year when I wish I was ‘in their shoes’ - so many exciting possibilities to choose from. Of course, it is essential that each student considers the degree itself first, the course content, how it is assessed and where it will lead in terms of a career. It is also vital that they research the details of the course entry requirements to ensure they have the appropriate GCSEs and are studying the prerequisite A level and BTEC qualifications. I know I can count on you to discuss your son or daughters options with them and in due course, to read (and re-read) the various drafts of their personal statements which form a central part of their overall application.

Of course it is not enough to leave school with examination certificates alone - Guy Claxton reminds us that young people need to be tenacious, resourceful, imaginative and logical, as well as self-disciplined, self-aware, collaborative and inquisitive so they can take their place in contemporary society. Be assured, alongside the remarkable role you play in their lives as their parents and carers, students are being encouraged in the development of these and other important qualities on a daily basis in the Sixth Form. 

In case any parents of Year 13 students happen to read this week’s Bulletin - we are missing them terribly. We are looking forward to their return on Thursday 1 July for the ‘farewell to Year 13’ and then at the Crowne Plaza on 2 July for their sparkling afternoon tea.

Have a wonderful and refreshing weekend - hope you have enough high factor sun cream to last!

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