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Mrs Rogers' words Autumn week 5

The Zen Zone is up and running, with a significant number of students joining Ms Ackland-Snow in the art room on Fridays for hot chocolate and a chat about the stuff that matters to them. I dropped by and was treated to a doughnut and was impressed with the candour and quality of the conversations I heard about later.

Mental health, well being and wellness are terms we have become more aware of, especially with the increased challenges of the past eighteen months. It has been refreshing to hear students reflecting on and talking about their experiences with such maturity and self awareness. With their permission I share some of their thoughts which I am sure resonate with all of us. 

One student explained "lockdown gave me time to explore my hobbies and talents that previously I had put on hold." This focus on enrichment and personal development helps provide structure and purpose, enhancing a sense of well-being and positive mental health. It enabled me to master making sourdough bread! What about you?

Another described how "It helped me change my perspective/outlook on everyday life. I think it made people feel grateful for what we have and how things can change." This certainly echoes my personal experience of lockdown where relaxing in the garden, appreciating the simple things like the sun on my face, the fresh air and the scent of the flowers, reset my perspective on what is important. And of course, seeing family after far too many face time quizzes was the icing on the cake! Please note, I am not bracketing my family in with ‘simple things’! 

This final sentiment is true for each of us, I hope - "I had time to self reflect. I think it helped people to find themselves." Wise words from our self aware students, I am sure you agree. So if you have not had the opportunity to reflect on your lockdown experience, grab a hot chocolate and doughnut this weekend and take some time for yourself. (Don’t miss the fireworks on Saturday though!)

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