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Mrs Rogers' words Autumn week 7

Our first UCAS application has been submitted and the student concerned received their first offer within 24 hours of applying! Early birds and worms spring to mind. As a result, there is quite a buzz amongst Year 13 and the motivation to polish personal statements, complete application forms and register for face to face or virtual open days to help finalise course and university choices has palpably increased.

Your support with checking personal statements and driving to universities is so important to the students and is invaluable as they make key decisions on their next steps. I am sharing countless links to apprenticeship and employment opportunities too so students have knowledge of all their options.

All students will be invited to participate in a national competition where schools and groups design and promote their own innovative solutions to environmental problems. There will be a regional semi-final and national final and we are hoping to inspire our students to engage in the opportunity, led by Mrs Astrup.

And as I type, ending and reversing deforestation, cutting methane emissions, and the journey to net-zero have all been agreed to by world leaders at the crucial Glasgow climate summit so far. Fingers crossed that actions come out of these agreements.

Also to close, Public Health England has asked all schools to remind their families of the obvious real benefits of using Lateral Flow testing twice a week; sadly we no longer have the inventory provided to resupply families, so please do keep your stocks up via the local pharmacy, testing centres etc. or order online. We can help in emergencies though, please contact the school nurses directly. In their direction to schools in RBWM to reduce activity across age groups, this is only to keep people safe, and for our local authority the explosion in cases last month to in excess of 2,500 cases per 100,000 was a real concern.

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