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Mrs Rogers' words Lent week 2

Two of our own students, Reni and Ciara, started the year with big ambitions in successfully applying to join the Taking the World Forward Fellowship. They have been handpicked from more than 450 inquisitive, bright young minds from across the world, to identify, brainstorm, and solve some of the biggest challenges of today and tomorrow under the watchful guidance of illustrious Ivy League mentors from Harvard and MIT.

As their inner leader emerges, this once-in-a-lifetime experience will change the way they interpret the future and their ability to influence it. The programme involves collaborating with other like minded young people on addressing and finding solutions to serious topical issues; how to provide a fully nutritious meal on one plate, combating loneliness using technology and developing an education model designed to teach sustainability from a young age. Both students are clearly aiming high and also out of their comfort zones, building confidence and self belief and at the same time in a position to make a real difference. I will ensure our student body and wider community receive regular updates as this programme unfolds.

Our credo, to aim high, believe in yourself and make a difference is frequently highlighted to remind students how they can make the most of all the opportunities available to support their growth and development during their Sixth Form experience. They have been challenged to ‘aim high’ again today by reflecting on their subject reports and acting swiftly on the specific strategies suggested to enable them to achieve the best outcomes they can. This is especially important for Year 13s who have now received the majority of their UCAS offers and have tangible targets to realise. Year 12 students too should ensure they use this process wisely too as the work they do this year underpins their studies next year. Of course, it is also important they work towards being the best athlete, actor, photographer, son or daughter too. I am sure they will be focused on the latter over the weekend. Enjoy it!

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