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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mrs Rogers' Words Summer Week 1

A sincere thank you for the significant and mature contribution by our Heads of School, Student Leaders and musicians who participated reverently and respectfully at our Commemoration Service just before the Easter break.

It is always challenging to perform in front of your peers, so very well done to each of them! They certainly made me very proud.


The purpose of the service was to pause and reflect on a number of notable past and present events, including the Queen’s Commonwealth Message which carried the theme of our entire assembly, ‘working towards a common future’. Other events we reviewed were the NHS being awarded the George Cross, our own Jubilee Green Canopy sapling planting effort, members of our own school community that have died in the past year and of course, the plight of millions of children in Ukraine right now. 

The No6 Jazz Band welcomed us to the hall by playing a hilled version of ‘Fly me to the moon’, Luke sang Vaga Luna, Niola played Bach’s Cello Suite and Jonny read Saran’s topical poem ‘Ballad of Bawling Babies’, Will, Olivia, Tommy, Anna, Chloe and James read blessings, extracts from speeches and news items. Ollie made sure the sound quality was optimised and did an exceptional job!

All the gathered students and staff took time to sit quietly and reflect on their own experiences of the covid pandemic and other significant events in their lives as Sam played the Last Post to end our service. Afterwards Lydia told me ‘

‘I really enjoyed performing after the very long wait because of covid with all my friends.  Thank you for putting together such an important commemoration service, it really made me feel grateful for everything we have: the NHS, all the incredibly brave people helping out and being affected in Ukraine, and everyone else ! ‘

In a busy, noisy and demanding world we appreciated taking a time out to pause and reflect; by learning from our experiences and the experiences of others, together we can shape a positive ‘common future’.

Sixth Form staff and I have been delighted to welcome our students back for the summer term which already has a real buzz about it with plenty of active learning and focused study happening. 

Enjoy your long weekend!

Mrs Rogers

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