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Mrs Rogers' Words Summer Week 8

We use and respond to feedback all the time - there is nothing better than a colleague or our line manager telling us how well we have run a project or how impressed they are with our problem solving and resourcefulness.

We swell with pride when our children tell us how grateful they are that we are their parent in a Fathers (or Mothers) Day card, plus any compliments on our cooking is always a plus! Feedback tells us where we are at any given moment and helps us to grow - personally and professionally.

Giving our students quality feedback on their learning is designed to encourage progress. Whilst this week has been peppered with assessments in Year 12, the students have been building learning power throughout the year and have had another opportunity to apply their knowledge to unseen questions. This activity helps them improve their exam technique and develop time management skills. Furrowed brows, concentration etched on faces and a sense of purpose have all been visible in our workspaces as students have tested themselves against set questions to check they fully understand the topics, theories and concepts they have been grappling with this term.

Following their efforts, our teacher team is now reading, checking, marking and detailing specific feedback to each student to ensure that progress is made. This feedback will demonstrate where they are now and how to move forward and become more expert in their subjects. One student in particular was very excited by the tangible progress they can see in their marks since the last round of assessments and has built the confidence so important to learning. The sheer delight and pride they expressed reminded me of the privilege I have of watching young people thrive and grow in our supportive and expectant environment. 

Mrs Lamagna-Richardson, our Academic Lead, has impressed on students the value of giving the clear feedback they receive their fullest attention; not just listening to or reading it but reflecting on it and using it in subsequent work to improve their outcomes. Her message is that effective learners continuously monitor their performance - what is going well and how they can achieve even more - this ‘internal feedback’ can be used to adapt how they learn and help them become more effective learners. For example, where a student has presented a balanced and coherent argument in their work they recognise the elements that make it such and know to approach future questions in the same way. On the other hand, where they have missed key details out or not fully explored an argument from every perspective, they redraft the answer including the missing information or perspective to generate model answers for use in future active revision. I am sure our students will embrace the feedback their teachers give them and use it going forward. 

Not only have Year 12s completed their assessments, so have our Year 13s. I am looking forward to seeing them at Crowne Plaza next Thursday for Cocktails and Canapés to catch up on their news.

See you at the Summer Fête tomorrow - Mr Hope and I will give you a wave as we help you park! I’m the one in the hat!!

I hope you have a lovely weekend

Steph Rogers 


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