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Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words

Every week the Bulletin newsletter is sent home from the School Office highlighting important forthcoming dates and events, along with a round-up by Mrs Wilding of the week gone by. Read below recent messages from the Head's desk.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Lent 11

    Published 29/03/19, by Sheena Wilding

    The children have shown great kindness this week looking after the new children who have been visiting prior to their start in the summer term. Transition and Nursery children have all been talking and learning about Easter. I feel sure the hunts for eggs will be enormous fun next week and have a feeling that the Easter Bunny is planning a visit. If it’s anything like last year he left muddy footprints throughout the Transition room but was forgiven when lots of eggs were found in the garden! Transition children had a scrummy day last Monday when they sampled plain, milk and white chocolate and used lots of descriptive words for the different flavours and colours.

    During the week commencing 1 April the Nursery and Transition children will continue learning about Easter. Nursery children will also be learning about the letter l and the colour blue.

    The clocks change this weekend but with the “eggscitement” of Easter fast approaching I’m sure the loss of an hour will not cause too many problems for your children!

    We wish all our mothers a wonderful day on Sunday and hope that you love the pretty cards that your children have been busy making for you. We have read the story “Five Minutes Peace” but cannot promise that you will get this well-deserved rest on Sunday!

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Lent 10

    Published 21/03/19, by Sheena Wilding

    What a great day our superheroes one turned out to be. The children looked amazing and had so much fun so thank you for getting them dressed up and supporting 'The Link Foundation' charity for which we raised £111.00.

    Transition and nursery children have started talking and learning about Easter. They have been cutting out and printing related things as well as starting their Easter baskets, cards, headbands and enjoying a range of related stories. They have also been busy creating surprises for you for Sunday 31st!

    I had a lovely evening at CCJB this week listening to the Years 5 and 6 boys perform musically. Seeing so many who had been in the Nursery perform so incredibly well was an absolute joy. Seeing how they have changed and developed since those days on the stage for their Nursery Christmas production is wonderful!

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Lent 9

    Published 15/03/19, by Sheena Wilding

    The Nursery children have enjoyed the topic about “gardens in the spring” and have had lovely walks around the school grounds looking at new growth and changes to the plants and trees. It has been a week of discovery. Life is in our pond again and seeing frogs, newts and spawn means that the life cycles are starting afresh. The frog spawn collected by the Honeycomb class has now developed into tadpoles which the children are amazed by. I have seen the children doing some wonderful observational drawings and paintings of blossom and am sure you will enjoy looking at them.

    Transition children have been learning about the life cycle of a frog and developing language such as metamorphosis. They have arranged magnetic pictures of the life cycle in the correct sequence and have also cut out and arranged pictures of the cycle. Making hand puppet frogs was thoroughly enjoyed by them and they seemed fully engaged whenever I saw them playing with the pretend frogs in the “pond” set up by Miss Green in a builders tray.

    As part of last week’s “World Book Day” we had a super visit on Tuesday from an enormous Gruffalo and a story reading session undertaken by staff from the RBWM Library Service. The children thoroughly enjoyed the event which we ran in the Nursery hall and they were brilliant with the listening and joining in of the repeated rhymes.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Lent 8

    Published 07/03/19, by Sheena Wilding

    Busy, busy week! The nursery classes have focused on their families and saw a little baby at first hand when Mrs Lambourne’s daughter brought in her baby Lilly. They have created some wonderful pictures of their families and talked a lot about them. The Transition children have been looking at new life and have seen the frogspawn in the tank hatch, with lots of tadpoles now eating the pond weed. They have cut out and sequenced pictures of the life cycle of a hen, painted pictures of chicks and created little lambs to go on their spring display board which is looking so pretty. Next to their winter display board it really has a sense of warmth and growth.

    On Tuesday the children all thoroughly enjoyed eating pancakes with their mid morning snack to celebrate the start of Lent.

    On Thursday the children enjoyed their World Book Day experience of dressing up in their favourite book character costume and looked amazing. Thank you so much for sending in books to accompany the costumes which they really enjoyed listening to. The children all have a £1.00 book token for spending in their favourite bookshop. It was also a very busy Open Morning and as always a big thank you goes to you for your wonderful recommendations.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Lent 7

    Published 28/02/19, by Sheena Wilding

    Spring is on the way so imagine our joy when we discovered frogspawn in the pond. The Transition children have already collected a small amount and have transferred it to a tank in their room with some pond water and weed so we are looking forward to watching and learning about the life cycle of frogs at close hand. They had a lovely walk around the grounds looking for signs of spring, have some blossom to refer to for observational drawing and have created some beautiful pictures of blossom trees and spring flowers.

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  • Mrs Wilding’s Weekly Words Lent 6

    Published 14/02/19, by Sheena Wilding

    We have had some lovely conversations about who we love and I hope that you adore the Valentine's banners and cards the children have made for you. The children have been talking about their families and objects/toys they love, and have been printing hearts and painting clay hearts. The Transition children have also discussed winter clothing and why winter here feels so cold even when we have blue skies and sunshine.

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  • Mrs Wilding’s Weekly Words Lent 5

    Published 07/02/19, by Sheena Wilding

    This week the children celebrated Chinese New Year, sampling food and attempting to use chopsticks, practising their cutting skills whilst making lanterns, making fans using a variety of materials and creating some lovely paintings by using chopsticks as the mark making tools. The Honeycomb children made a wonderful dragon using a large box for the head and a white sheet for the body which they painted with red and gold paint. They invited the Beehive and Busy Bees children to join them in the hall and they all took turns playing instruments and dancing under the dragon, having enormous fun and really looking part of the celebrations happening all over the world. They enjoyed some YouTube footage of the New Year celebrations and talked about the New Year story of the animals.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Lent 4

    Published 31/01/19, by Sheena Wilding

    Happy Snow Day! 

    The nursery rooms have been learning about winter from winter related stories. They've been mixing red and green paint to create trees and animals and have used printing techniques to make animal footprints for display. I am sure that you will enjoy the lovely display boards which are created with your children’s work. They have been on treasure hunts around the school, finding twigs to make trees, have explored the frozen pond area and generally had a lovely experience with the topic.

    Transition children have been having an amazing time in their winter wonderland which Miss Green had set up for them and have been exploring fake snow in the classroom as well as the frosts outside. They have been learning about how snow is created and the weather required for it and have enjoyed a range of snow related messy play activities such as using soap flakes to make their own snow. Using PVA glue and shaving foam, they made puffy paint which they then used to make snowmen.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Lent 3

    Published 24/01/19, by Sheena Wilding

    Nursery children have been busy learning about weather this week. Nature has given us sun, clouds, snow and a big drop in temperature this week thereby helping the children to understand the topic at first hand. They have talked about appropriate winter clothing and dressed people cut outs. The children put out containers of water to see what happens overnight and been exploring the ice created. They have observed large blocks of ice melt over time and have used hammers and tools to change the shapes of the blocks. A variety of materials were used to create textured clouds, igloos, arctic animals and inuits for classroom displays.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Lent 2

    Published 18/01/19, by Sheena Wilding

    For some children this has been their first week attending a nursery but you would not know it as they have settled so incredibly well. We have been looking at the colour black and number one generally and have made and used the colour in a variety of ways. Group activities such as creating painted display board backgrounds using a variety of tools have been done and the children showed great team spirit. We have had a fire drill, which they took in their stride. It also provided a great example of seeing how well the children accept changes in routine and follow instructions.

    Transition children have been discovering winter and have been busy making wintry pictures using “cold” colours and creating snowflakes for a display. They went on a walk around the school grounds looking at the signs of winter and the short snow flurries yesterday got everyone excited.

    It was time to renew the 12 hour paediatric first aid training, which is valid for 3 years, for Miss Green, Mrs Freeman and Mrs Irvine and this was completed this week so well done ladies.

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  • Mrs Wilding’s Weekly Words Lent 1

    Published 11/01/19, by Sheena Wilding

    We wish everybody a very happy and healthy 2019 from all of us in the Nursery Department.

    It has been a lovely start to the year with children coming in with smiling faces and full of chatter about their holidays and new toys. We have welcomed lots of new children into the nursery rooms and they are settling well, getting to know the staff, their new friends and the environment. The children who have moved up into Transition are having a wonderful time too and are now settling into the different routines after transferring from their nursery classes.

    Our topic this term is based on “Seasons – Winter and Spring”. It would be lovely if you could support the children’s learning by talking about this at home.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Autumn 13

    Published 14/12/18, by Sheena Wilding

    What a pleasure it was for us to see so many parents, grandparents and friends attending our Christmas production “Seasons’ Greetings” on Tuesday morning – evidence of a truly supportive parent body. Your children transported us to a very magical place and we are enormously proud of every single one. I can honestly say that we were not expecting the children to sing so clearly and loudly as they did and the confidence that they exhibited was astounding! To have 57 mainly three year olds performing in front of almost 200 people in the way they did is a credit to each and every one of them. The costumes you provided looked wonderful, so thank you and well done to the children for making the extra bits to go on their heads and bodies. I am looking forward to seeing it again soon when the DVD copy I have ordered arrives.

    We have welcomed lots of new children this week who will be joining the Nursery in January and they are delightful. I feel certain that your children will very quickly be talking about their new friends.

    A huge thank you goes to our catering staff who produced an amazing Christmas lunch today and all the crackers and hats to make our meal all the more festive and enjoyable.

    Thank you to those who contributed to our Christmas Jumper Day on Thursday for “Save the Children”. Our Department raised £30.50 for this worthy charity.

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