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Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words

Every week the Bulletin newsletter is sent home from the School Office highlighting important forthcoming dates and events, along with a round-up by Mrs Wilding of the week gone by. Read below recent messages from the Head's desk.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Autumn 6

    Published 11/10/18, by Sheena Wilding


    • I hope to see many of you tomorrow evening at our Annual Fireworks held at our Junior Boys site which is usually enormous fun. The weather forecast at the moment looks promising so fingers crossed! You can pay on the gate if you have not booked tickets.    
    • Please note that individual photographs were taken on Tuesday morning and the proof was sent home. These are generally lovely photographs and make good Christmas presents for the family but we do need your order by Friday 19 at the latest!
    • We really hope that your child will move into our own Reception classes here at Claires Court and registration is then directly with us. If you have not already done so, but this is your intention, please complete a registration form either online or collect a paper version from the office as transfer from the Nursery is not automatic unless you have signed the paperwork. There is no further registration fee as this was paid before your child started with us. For those children who turn 4 years old by 31.08.2019 and not staying with us you will need to register online by midday 15 January 2019 with the RBWM for a state school place for next September. Information can be found on the RBWM website and you need to read the “Admission into Primary School Guide”. Applications for the state school places open online from 1 November 2018.
    • Please ensure that you supervise your children as soon as they have been handed over by the nursery staff as we are aware that some are running off and sometimes parents forget to bolt the gate! 
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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Autumn 5

    Published 05/10/18, by Sheena Wilding

    Thank you

    The local branch of the Salvation Army has collected the boxes of food and personal hygiene items and is extremely grateful for your kindness. I am certain that local families in need will be very appreciative.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Autumn 4

    Published 26/09/18, by Sheena Wilding

    Wow what a busy time we had on Open Morning this Friday and your children were stars. They managed so well with lots of visitors in their classrooms and were 'more outgoing towards unfamiliar people and more confident in new social situations' which is one of the PSE self-confidence and awareness statements in the EYFS.

    The three Nursery classes have been learning about autumn foods this week and I have walked into rooms to find them eating triangular sandwiches which they had made using a homemade blackberry jam, exploring textures and printing with leaves they had collected in the garden and sweetcorn, which they were rolling in orange paint, and investigating the pumpkins which they had grown from seed in our pond / gardening area. Supporting their number learning I became aware of the Busy Bees having a drama session in the hall and their acting out the “Three little Pigs” story, having enormous fun taking turns being the characters and reciting the story together. Lots of red and yellow paint has been mixed with some wonderful orange displays now brightening up the classrooms.

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  • Mrs Wilding’s Weekly Words Autumn 3

    Published 19/09/18, by Sheena Wilding

    This week

    Nursery children have made farm animal face masks, have played with small world farms, sorted animals by type and counted them, and have been learning a farm related song. They were so excited on Monday morning when they discovered the lilac bantums in the nursery garden! Mrs Britt had brought in a cockerel and a couple of hens from her farm which the children were able to handle, feed and observe. Later in the week the children went for a walk around the school, managing the staircases really well and discovering the offices and dining room.

    A very big thank you goes to everyone who joined in our 'Jeans for Genes' day today. We raised £33.00 for this very worthy cause.

    I ran out of space last week to mention that we all celebrated Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year, by listening to related stories and eating apple dipped in honey, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Autumn 2

    Published 13/09/18, by Sheena Wilding

    In our first full week the Nursery children continued to settle in to their new environment, make new friends and adapt to our routines. They discovered how to make the colour pink by making the playdough with red and white paint as well as the usual ingredients, creating Number 1’s using printing techniques and painting generally with the pink colour they had created. Hot lunches are proving to be a great success!

    The week commencing 17 September the 3 Nursery rooms will discuss “Farming”, the number 2, the colour red and the letter r. Any toy incorporating red would be lovely as a “Show and Tell” item.

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  • Mrs Wilding’s Weekly Words Autumn 1

    Published 07/09/18, by e4 education

    What an amazing summer we have had and what a joy to still have the sun shining when the term starts and to see all the children outside laughing, playing and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

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  • Mrs Wilding’s Weekly Words Summer 11

    Published 05/07/18, by Sheena Wilding

    Head over heels in excitement about the thought of Nursery Sports Day and wow what a Sports Day! Your children never fail to astound me and showed depths of resilience beyond their years, an ability to follow instructions and a huge willingness to take part. You must be very proud parents and deservedly so.  

    The nursery classes have created some lovely rainbow pictures this week and have made sun-catchers with old CDs, rain makers to create the sound of rain, windmills which they tried to operate using electric fans, sun collages with shapes and have talked about weather in general. With the sun and heat they have done lots of talking about protecting their skin and have been using the shade of home-made tents (sheets over washing lines and fabrics pegged to fences) in the garden area.

    Transition children have continued learning about minibeasts, their similarities and differences. They played the minibeast “What am I?” game, talked about exo-skeletons, have made spiders using clay and chenille stems and created bee pictures from shapes.

    New children have been visiting again this week in preparation for their start in the Autumn term and, as always, your children have shown great kindness to them.

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  • Mrs Wilding’s Weekly Words Summer 10

    Published 29/06/18, by Sheena Wilding

    Wow what a week for weather! As with this time last year we had to keep the children inside for most of the day because of exceedingly high temperatures. Water play was certainly an essential part of the curriculum and we made sure that the children were outside at the very start of the day before the sun got too hot. Lots of 3D minibeast models have been made including snails and 2D creations of ladybirds adorn the rooms. The caterpillars are growing so the children are eagerly awaiting the next stage of development. The children have also been caring for the new children who have been visiting this week and have done an excellent job, showing boundless empathy. 

    Transition children have continued learning about minibeasts. They went on a minibeast hunt in the garden, played an associated bingo game, made 3D models of these creatures and in their gym session moved like different ones. Having watched the caterpillars develop in the classroom they released five painted lady butterflies this week.

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  • Mrs Wilding’s Weekly Words Summer 9

    Published 21/06/18, by Sheena Wilding

    What a lovely week it has been exploring for minibeasts in the garden and pond areas. I have spotted children out with their clipboards and tally sheets enthusiastically searching for little creatures and getting so animated when they find them! Minibeast models and clay tiles with insect imprints have been created, and some lovely paintings of these little creatures have been done.  Language has been developed with the children learning about the head, thorax and abdomen sections of an insect’s body.

    Nursery and Transition classes have been practising for Sports Day, are getting faster week by week and, oh joy, they seem to be staying within the track rather than running across the field!

    Transition children have had a very busy week looking at a whole range of minibeasts. They have identified the parts of an insect, have observed their caterpillars turn into chrysalises and are eagerly awaiting the next stage of development. Butterflies have been made to hang from the ceiling and a variety of minibeast masks made, as well as playing with spaghetti worms and plastic creatures in slime.

    At the time of writing the boys transferring in September to our Junior Boys site, Ridgeway, have just returned with Miss Green and seem to have had an enormously happy time meeting their new teachers, seeing the rooms and outside play space and making decorated biscuits and kites. The girls transferring to our Junior Girls upstairs are singing their hearts out with Mrs Challis and about to return to their new classroom with Mrs James and Mrs St. John with smiles on their faces. I have to say that both girls and boys seem so at ease and relaxed about their new experiences and that is down to the nursery staff who build their confidence so well.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Summer 8

    Published 14/06/18, by Sheena Wilding

    The nursery classes have continued planting and growing and now have runner beans and pumpkin seeds in the soil, hoping that there will be an autumn crop in time for Halloween. They have extended their positional language and understanding of growth. The sunflower seeds have developed and been sent home so we would love to see a photo later in the year when they bloom. The grass heads they started last week already look as though they need a trip to the hairdresser! The children have been very busy making cards which I am certain will be enjoyed on Sunday!

    Transition children have continued learning about life cycles and watching the development of live caterpillars in the classroom. Using pasta and real leaves they have created pictures of butterfly life cycles and have made symmetrical butterflies using a range of materials. They have also been busy making cards for Sunday. 

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Summer 7

    Published 08/06/18, by Sheena Wilding


    With the topic of “Planting and growing” this week it was wonderful to hear about Mr McGregor’s garden when Peter Rabbit visited the Nursery yesterday. RBWM Libraries began by reading ‘The Tale Of Peter Rabbit’ by Beatrix Potter to all the children, as well as a lift-the-flap board book, ‘Peter Rabbit: Where's Peter?’, which had all the children laughing and entertained whilst they tried to discover where Peter Rabbit was hiding through following clues and unfolding flaps. The children then had the opportunity to cuddle Peter if they wished. I am certain that you all love reading to your children anyway but have sent home the leaflet about the top 10 tips for reading with your child which Peter Rabbit gave us.

    The growing season has started well and the nursery classes have been busy planting sunflower seeds, cress and grass to make Grass Heads. They have created some amazing paintings of sunflowers, the cress is growing in long egg box sections and is beginning to look like caterpillars crawling along the window sill and the grass will soon be looking like hair! The children have made sandwiches linked to the story of “The Little Red Hen” with the growing of wheat so it has been a very busy week as always. The children are really enjoying the strawberries which they are harvesting on a regular basis.

    Transition children have been busy exploring different life cycles, have cut out and sequenced pictures of frog life cycles, have loved discovering tiny frogs in the tank and playing the frog sequence game. As always their vocabulary has been expanded and their learning has taken another leap. The caterpillars arrived this week so we are really looking forward to their development and being able to release painted lady butterflies into the environment. To support the topic the children have been learning about symmetry when creating pictures of ladybirds and looking at their life cycle.

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  • Mrs Wilding’s Weekly Words Summer 6

    Published 25/05/18, by Sheena Wilding

    The Transition children have had enormous fun this week visiting our Junior Boys site, Ridgeway, where they explored the grounds and the trees, discussing the importance of trees for the environment and undertaking leaf printing and rubbing. The site lends itself to a forest school approach to learning and the children worked together to create dens with logs and branches they had discovered. A big thank you goes to Stewart Stevens, our Site Manager, who drove the groups of children in the school minibus.

    Back here the nursery children have been outside enjoying the gardens and main school grounds and creating wonderful pictures of trees and bark rubbings and discussing visits to parks generally. Great fun was had when they went on a bear hunt and discovered large trays of snow, long grass, water, mud and a forest which they walked through with bare feet, and a cave where they found a bear. At the end they found lots of cushions to go to bed! They certainly knew the story by the end of the experience.

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