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Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words

Every week the Bulletin newsletter is sent home from the School Office highlighting important forthcoming dates and events, along with a round-up by Mrs Wilding of the week gone by. Read below recent messages from the Head's desk.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Autumn 13

    Published 13/12/19, by Sheena Wilding

    It was a joy for us to see so many parents, grandparents and friends attending our Christmas production “Around the World in Time for Christmas” on Tuesday morning – evidence of a truly supportive parent body. Your children transported us to so many places through their songs and we are enormously proud of every single one. I can honestly say that we were not expecting the children to sing so clearly and loudly as they did and the confidence that they exhibited was astounding! To have 64 mainly three year olds performing in front of almost 200 people in the way they did is a credit to each and every one of them. As always I am indebted to my staff who care so much for the children and support them in everything they do. The costumes you provided looked wonderful, so thank you. I am looking forward to seeing it again soon when the DVD copy I have ordered arrives.

    We have welcomed more new children this week, who will be joining the Nursery in January, and they are delightful. I feel certain that your children will very quickly be talking about their new friends.

    Thank you to those who contributed to our Christmas Jumper Day today for “Save the Children”. Our Department raised £62.52 for this worthy charity. Many thanks also for all the biscuits you have provided for local families in need this Christmas which will be distributed by the Salvation Army.

    A big thank you goes to our catering staff who produced the most wonderful Christmas lunch for us today and for all their support at our various events.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Autumn 12

    Published 06/12/19, by Sheena Wilding

    This Week

    Christmas has arrived in the classrooms with the children decorating trees, playing with magic snow, creating calendars, making reindeer food, Santa napkins, clay decorations and cards, to name but a few of the wonderful things they have done, and which you are sure to enjoy when they bring them home at the end of term. With December here so is the cold weather so please ensure that your child has a suitably warm coat, hat, scarf and mittens which should all be named.

    We had our Nursery specific Open Morning on Tuesday so many thanks for your kind recommendations. Your children were a brilliant advertisement and the Junior girls did a tremendous job bringing the visitors to the Nursery Department.

    We had a lovely time on Tuesday afternoon when the Lower Junior Girls entertained us with the dress rehearsal of their production “Lights Camel Action 2 – The Sequin” The children were spellbound and sat mesmerised throughout.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Autumn 11

    Published 28/11/19, by Sheena Wilding

    The Nursery and Transition classes have been learning about the polar regions and practising putting on scarves, hats, mittens and gloves this week. Magic snow has appeared in all the rooms along with arctic animals and a range of related small world toys which the children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring. Pictures of penguins and trees in snow have been created and look amazing. Children rescued penguins which were frozen in ice and had a lot of fun in the process. On the subject of cold weather please send your children in wearing warm coats, hats, scarves and mittens which all need to be named.

    With December starting this weekend Christmas will be on the way. There is already a buzz of excitement about everything the children are doing and I am sure trees will be arriving in the rooms very soon.

    Next Week

    We will all be getting into the swing of things for Christmas, doing lots of related crafts, and are looking forward to going over to the main hall with the children to watch the Junior Girls Nativity dress rehearsal on Tuesday afternoon.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Autumn 10

    Published 22/11/19, by Sheena Wilding


    Please send in your child’s costume for our Christmas Production as soon as you have it organised. Many thanks.


    As in previous years we will be helping those less fortunate in our local community by providing the Maidenhead branch of the Salvation Army with Christmas hampers which the Year 10 girls will make up. The Nursery Department have been asked to provide biscuits which can be left in boxes in the Nursery Hall from now until Thursday 12 December. Many thanks in advance for your support.

    Christmas Jumper Day is on Friday 13 December and we would appreciate a minimum £1.00 donation for “Save the Children”. Please do not feel you have to go out and buy a special jumper for this. Some of the best have been tinsel and baubles etc. attached to a regular top which the children have been involved in creating!


    Please do not send your child in with laced shoes/boots unless they are able to tie and untie these themselves. When getting a class of 16 dressed for outside, a lot of play time is lost if staff have to help each child with tricky footwear. Similarly with gloves; unless your child can put these on independently please send in named mittens. With many thanks for your understanding.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Autumn 9

    Published 14/11/19, by Sheena Wilding

    This week and next

    G’day! The Nursery rooms have been having fun learning about Australia and have been using Aboriginal style art to decorate boomerangs, turtles and kangaroos which they have used to make wonderful displays. They have looked at pictures of places in Australia, have created their own Uluru (Ayres Rock) and used the globe to see where Australia is in relation to Maidenhead. Their singing of the song “Waltzing Matilda” makes me feel as though I’m half a world away from my office!

    Transition children have been talking about the Amazon rainforest and the animals which live there. On environmental matters they have talked about deforestation in that area and the impact this is having on the world. Cutting skills have been developed when the children made snakes from circle shaped card and their craft skills included making parrots from cups and monkeys with their handprints.

    The week commencing 18 November the three Nursery classes will continue learning about “Australia” and do a range of related crafts. Their number is 9, the colour is brown and the letter is b. Transition children will be learning about “Antarctica - what it’s like” and the letters g and q.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Autumn 8

    Published 05/11/19, by Sheena Wilding

    Thank you to the PTA

    The children arrived back to a new climbing frame in the garden and with great excitement were quickly using it so a huge thank you goes to the PTA for providing this, and to our Maintenance team, Stewart and Tony, for assembling it during the half term.

    This Week

    On Wednesday the children went over to the main School hall to discover the stage and begin practising their Christmas production songs. Although louder singing needs to be developed, the confidence displayed by your children in this change to their routine was wonderful to see.

    Transition children were amazed to see their home corner transformed into the Amazon rainforest on their return from half term thanks to Miss Green! They have been learning about the different countries which make up South America, role playing with boa constrictors and have been busy making collages using rainforest colours and textures for a display.

    It has been a busy week with the Nursery classes making poppies for this weekend, learning about festivals of light, including Diwali and Bonfire Night, and making fireworks pictures. Honeycomb children were singing a wonderful song about Leo the lion when I popped in yesterday. Displays have appeared of their learning about African animals with some large scale pictures in the Beehive class. We have had three new children join this week and it is so lovely to see how quickly they have settled in Busy Bees.

    The week commencing 11 November the three Nursery classes will discuss and learn about “Australasia”, the number 8, the colour orange and the letter a whilst Transition children will continue learning about the rainforest in South America and also the letter a.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Autumn 7

    Published 17/10/19, by Sheena Wilding


    • Please check your email as I have sent the '2build a profile' observations of your child for this half term.
    • Please inform us if your child will be away at the time of our Nursery Department Christmas production which will take place on Tuesday 10 December at 9.00am with the dress rehearsal happening the day before. We ask that all children attend both mornings even if it is not a booked session. There will be no charge for this if it is not a regular session. I will be sending out your seat requests form with costume requests at the beginning of the next half term.
    • We wish you all a very happy half term fortnight and will take this opportunity to let you know the Thames Valley Police Halloween code:
      • Please only call at houses you know! Don’t knock on doors where there is a 'No trick or treat' sign.
      • Be visible – your children may be dressed as dark beings but they need to be seen by other road users.
      • Take a torch with you.
      • Stay in areas lit well by street lights. Be careful not to frighten vulnerable people, especially the elderly.
      • Don’t let your children talk to strangers on the street.
      • Don’t let your children go into any houses.
      • No treat means no trick – don’t let a good night go bad. Please respect other people’s wishes!
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  • Mrs Wilding’s Words Autumn 6

    Published 09/10/19, by Sheena Wilding


    • I hope to see many of you tomorrow evening at our Annual Fireworks held at our Junior Boys site which is usually enormous fun. The weather forecast at the moment looks slightly damp so fingers crossed it is dry for the event. As we always say in Nursery there is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing! You can pay on the gate if you have not booked tickets but this will not guarantee food.
    • Please return your session requests for January by Wednesday at the latest as I will be allocating the new children their classes that afternoon.
    • Towards the end of next week I will be sending this half term’s observations on “2build a profile” so please check your emails. 
    • Please note that the Breakfast Club is available from 7.30am - 8.30am but the service of food stops at 8.10am. If your child arrives after 8.10 am food will not be served.
    • Please ensure that you supervise your children as soon as they have been handed over by the Nursery staff as we are aware that some are running off and sometimes parents forget to bolt the gate! 
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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Autumn 5

    Published 02/10/19, by Sheena Wilding

    Thank you

    The local branch of the Salvation Army has collected the boxes of food and personal hygiene items and is extremely grateful for your kindness. I am certain that local families in need will be very appreciative.


    • Some named jumpers have gone missing so please check that your child has the correct one and return any others as soon as possible so that we can give them back to the owner. Please return any clothes which your child has borrowed from the Nursery and remember to name all outdoor clothing, jumpers, t-shirts, boots and shoes.
    • We look forward to seeing you at the Fireworks Evening on Saturday 12 October held at the Claires Court Junior Boys site, Ridgeway, as it is always a wonderful family occasion for all ages! For more information please check the website or speak to a member of staff.
    • Individual Photographs - The children will be having their photographs taken on Friday 18 October and if your child does not attend on Fridays you are more than welcome to come in and have the picture taken at 8.30am. These make lovely family Christmas presents.
    • Please can you return your session sheets for the Lent Term 2020 before the October half term break.
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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Autumn 4

    Published 26/09/19, by Sheena Wilding


    • Please bolt the Nursery gate behind you as you enter and leave, for the safety of yours and other children.
    • Mobile phones – Please note that in our Claires Court Safeguarding policy, which you can read here, it states that “parents are not permitted to use their mobile phones or camera in or around the EYFS setting without prior approval from the Head” (page 20). For the safety of the children and EYFS compliance please abide by this. If you need to make or receive a call please do so outside the Nursery entrance gate and out of view. This applies from 07.30am-6.30pm covering both Extended Day Care times and the core Nursery hours.
    • Please send your child in with a coat now that the weather is autumnal.

    Wow, what a busy time we had on Open Morning this Friday and your children were stars. They managed so well with lots of visitors in their classrooms and were “more outgoing towards unfamiliar people and more confident in new social situations” which is one of the PSE self-confidence and awareness statements in the EYFS.

    Transition children have been learning about Australian animals and extending their language with words such as marsupials. They have made koala masks and created Aboriginal dot pictures of animals. The three Nursery classes have been learning about Europe. I walked into their rooms yesterday to find them travelling to Paris by ferry, Eurostar and car; and then going into cafes for a breakfast of croissants and fruit! Orders were being taken and payments made; the staff were in berets and aprons adding to the atmosphere! Today the children were celebrating Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year festival which starts this weekend, and were thoroughly enjoying slices of apple dipped in honey!

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Autumn 3

    Published 20/09/19, by Sheena Wilding

    This week

    Nursery children have made modes of transport for travelling into Europe out of huge boxes including a ferry (Honeycomb), a car (Beehive) and the Eurostar train (Busy Bees). They have talked about their holidays to different countries in Europe, sorted transport toys by type and colour and have counted them, and have been learning related songs. Later in the week the children went for a walk around the school, managing the staircases really well and discovering the offices and dining room. Transition children have had lots of fun learning about places and people in Australia this week, have created a beautiful display of their paintings of Uluru (Ayres Rock), talked about the Aboriginal people, decorating their own faces with Aboriginal designs, and making fairy bread, a 1920’s Australian children’s party food.

    A very big thank you goes to everyone who joined in our “Jeans for Genes” day today. We raised £36.60 for this very worthy cause.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Autumn 2

    Published 13/09/19, by Sheena Wilding

    In our first full week the Nursery children continued to settle in to their new environment, make new friends and adapt to our routines. They discovered how to make the colour pink by making the playdough with red and white paint as well as the usual ingredients, creating Number 1’s using printing techniques and painting generally with the pink colour they had created. I was so impressed with how the children coped with the fire drill we had yesterday as they accepted the loud alarm very well, followed the instructions and did not shed a single tear despite the change in routine.

    The week commencing 16th September the 3 Nursery rooms will discuss “Europe”, the number 2, the colour blue and the letter u. Any small toy incorporating blue would be lovely as a “Show and Tell” item. Transition children will be discussing the topic “Australia – what it’s like” and the letter l.

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