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Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words

Every week the Bulletin newsletter is sent home from the School Office highlighting important forthcoming dates and events, along with a round-up by Mrs Wilding of the week gone by. Read below recent messages from the Head's desk.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Summer 5

    Published 17/05/18, by Sheena Wilding


    We have children within the Nursery and School who have life threatening allergies so you can imagine my horror when I was alerted to an opened snack pack box of nuts littered on the Nursery hall floor at the midday pick up time on Thursday. The area was cleaned immediately to reassure people but this should never have happened. Leave all nut products at home and be considerate of others.

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  • Mrs Wilding’s Weekly Words Summer 4

    Published 10/05/18, by Sheena Wilding

    We are all very excited about “Hatch Watch” taking place in the Nursery hall with the ten eggs arriving on Tuesday. We were amazed on Wednesday morning to discover eight had hatched overnight but saw the hatching of one take place and now have a healthy brood of nine chicks at the time of writing this! We have four boy and five girl chicks (one did not survive unfortunately). This coming week they should be strong enough to handle so there is more excitement to come. The nursery children have been talking about the life cycle of a chick and are enjoying watching the chicks and listening to the chirping. Lovely displays are appearing in their rooms. The tadpoles in Honeycomb have grown legs so it will not be long before they are transferred to the pond.

    Transition children have had a busy week talking about the different types of weather and have suns for their display area. Sunflower seeds have started to grow, the beans are developing well, the grass seed for Mr Grass Head will need a lawnmower soon and cress has gone home to be enjoyed on salads or in sandwiches.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Summer 3

    Published 03/05/18, by Sheena Wilding

    In the three nursery rooms the children have been looking at life cycles of frogs and have created some lovely frog masks, puppets, life cycle charts and displays, and hopped around the rooms pretending to be these jumpy creatures. The pond is alive with water life and the children are fascinated by all the movement and development of the tadpoles, newts, water boatmen and dragonfly nymphs, to name but a few.

    Transition children have been learning about the different parts of a plant and the uses of these. They set up an experiment with carnations, celery and coloured water and observed how the plants changed colour. They went on a “spot the plant challenge” in the grounds, recording those they discovered. Bean seeds were planted in jars and they made a Mr Grass Head so it will be lovely to see these develop over the coming weeks. Pictures of flowers were created using a variety of shapes so it has been a very busy week.

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  • Mrs Wilding’s Words Summer 2

    Published 26/04/18, by Sheena Wilding

    In the three nursery rooms the children have settled very well and had a busy time both indoors and out. Some lovely animal prints have been made, singing with Mrs Challis sounded wonderful and they coped remarkably well with the Open Day on Thursday.

    Transition children have been sowing cress seeds in the shape of their first initial, have planted sunflower seeds and looked at the sequence of a plant life cycle.

    During the week commencing 30 April the nursery children will be learning about the life cycle of a frog, the colour green, the number 2 and the letter h. Any small toys incorporating a frog or green would be ideal as their “Show and Tell” item this week.

    Transition children will continue learning about plants and growing and the letter l.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Summer 1

    Published 20/04/18, by Sheena Wilding

    The term’s topic of “The Great Outdoors” could not have had a better start with the wonderful weather and the children all outside enjoying the garden, pond and playground areas. The sound of laughter and having fun has been lovely these last three days and the new children seem to be adapting to their new environment very well.

    Miss Green tells me that the Transition group have been observing the growth of the tadpoles in their room, talking about what they can see outside in our garden area and about the outdoors environment at home. The children all bounced back into the room and have had a very good start to the term.

    The week commencing 23 April the Nursery children will still be settling in and Transition children will be learning about the plants and growing and the letter i.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Lent 11

    Published 22/03/18, by Sheena Wilding

    Transition and nursery children have started talking and learning about Easter. They have been cutting out and printing related things as well as starting their Easter baskets, cards, bonnets and enjoying a range of related stories. I feel sure the hunt for eggs will be enormous fun and have a feeling that the Easter Bunny is planning a visit. If it’s anything like last year he left muddy footprints throughout the Transition room but was forgiven when lots of eggs were found in the garden!

    The Nursery Department charities week raffle for ‘Reuben’s Fight’ raised £150.00.  The lucky winner was Kiron in Busybees class.  Thank you to all that helped towards this very worthy cause.

    During the week commencing 26 March the nursery and Transition children will continue learning about Easter. Nursery children will also be learning about the letter g and discover how to make the colour brown.

    The clocks change this weekend but with the “eggscitement” of Easter fast approaching I’m sure the loss of an hour will not cause too many problems for your children!

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Lent 10

    Published 15/03/18, by Sheena Wilding

    The children have had a busy week both indoors and outdoors and have had enormous fun discovering a huge amount of frogspawn. Transition children have been learning about Easter and listening to related stories. They have made Easter baskets and some lovely chick puppets.

    The younger children have been investigating shapes with curves and have made some lovely St Patrick’s Day pictures of shamrocks. Fine motor skills have been developed with scissor and mark making activities and as always lots of gross motor development has taken place. This week balancing activities, and learning to go through, over, and under, a variety of gym equipment has taken place and the children have used the Astroturf courts to play with unihoc sticks and soft balls.

    We have had lots of new children visiting us this week who will be joining in April and your children have been very kind in welcoming them and helping them to settle in.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Lent 9

    Published 08/03/18, by Sheena Wilding

    Happy Mothering Sunday everybody!

    The nursery children have enjoyed the topic about “Under the sea” and have experimented with blue and yellow paint and textured balls to make green puffer fish, been fishing with magnetic rods, played with small world sea creatures and learning their names and generally having a lot of fun with the topic. They have been very busy making cards and gifts for you for this Sunday, which I am sure you will love.

    It has been a week of discovery. Life is in our pond again and seeing frogs, newts and spawn means that the life cycles are starting afresh.

    Transition children have talked about floating and sinking and have carried out lots of experiments with different objects, trying to guess which would stay on top of the water and which would drop before trying the item in the water trough. They have discussed why this happens and have then cut out pictures and placed them on or below the water level in the picture. They have had lots of fun making flowers for you for this Sunday.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Lent 8

    Published 01/03/18, by Sheena Wilding

    Busy, busy week! The nursery classes have focused on “coast guards” this week with a huge lifeboat made by Beehive children, small scale ones by Honeycomb and lighthouses by Busy Bees. They have played with small world related toys, watched related You Tube videos and developed associated language and knowledge. Transition considered the weather and swapped the topics for this week and next and focused on freezing and melting. They undertook lots of scientific investigation by trying to melt large blocks of ice, which had objects and toys inside, using hammers and tools, cold and hot water sprays and salt. They made ice pots with food colouring to paint with and created cold colours collages with a variety of different materials.

    On Wednesday Oliver’s grandfather Professor David Clutterbuck, author of countless books on mentoring, coaching and leadership and children’s books, came into the Nursery to read his story 'My Grandad’s a Dragon', encouraged the children to make up stories with him, and had them listening and laughing so a huge thank you goes to him. Busy Bees had already started writing their own story 'The drip who wanted to be an ocean' so we are looking forward to seeing this (to be displayed on a board in the hall).

    On Thursday the children enjoyed their “World Book Day” experience of dressing up in their favourite book character costume and looked amazing. Thank you so much for sending in books to accompany the costumes which they really enjoyed listening to. The children all have a £1.00 book token for spending in their favourite bookshop.

    Thursday was also St David’s Day and the nursery classes were busy creating pictures daffodils using shapes to celebrate this. Snowballs were also the order of the day!

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Lent 7

    Published 23/02/18, by Sheena Wilding

    Spring is on the way so imagine our joy when Mrs Burfitt, Harry’s and Charlotte’s mother, brought in three one week to ten day old lambs for the morning on Tuesday for the children to observe and cuddle. A pen was created in our garden area, thanks to our maintenance staff, and the lambs were free to run around when not in the arms of children and staff. What a wonderful learning opportunity for the children and we cannot thank Mrs Burfitt enough for doing this for us and for telling the children so much.

    On Monday the children celebrated Chinese New Year, sampling food and attempting to use chopsticks, practising their cutting skills whilst making lanterns and creating some lovely paintings by using chopsticks as the mark making tools. They enjoyed some You Tube footage of the New Year celebrations and talked about the New Year story of the animals.

    It was then on to focus on the topic “Oceans and Seas” and the nursery classes have produced some wonderful collages using shapes to create fish and underwater life. Clay fish have been made and the children have discussed the different forms of life under the sea.

    Transition children have been learning about “Travelling on Water” and have been busy using shapes to create boat pictures and developing their positional language by cutting out pictures and placing them in the relevant place of above, on or below the water.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Lent 6

    Published 08/02/18, by Sheena Wilding

    This Week

    The nursery rooms have talked about water in the home, bathing dolls and cleaning their kitchen equipment. They have created pictures on foil and used metallic paints to decorate their number fives. Transition children have been learning about what lives in water and whether the creatures have lungs or gills and have been busy making fish from bottles.

    We have had some lovely conversations about who we love and I hope that you adore the Valentine cards all the children have made for you.

    During the week commencing 19 February the nursery children will be learning about “oceans and seas”, the colour blue, the number 6 and the letter b. Any small toys incorporating blue would be ideal as their “Show and Tell” item this week. Transition children will be learning about “travelling on water” and the letter f. Remember the weekend is the ideal time to talk to your children about our topic and to encourage them to find things to bring in which you have talked about together.

    We wish everybody a very happy half term holiday and look forward to seeing everyone rested and ready for the start of spring. 

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Lent 5

    Published 02/02/18, by Sheena Wilding

    This week the nursery rooms have been learning about water in the home and its uses. The children have talked about the importance of brushing teeth and keeping themselves clean and have made some huge, white, sparkly teeth! Dolls, clothing and household items have been washed and dried and the topic has been much enjoyed by the children.

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