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Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words

Every week the Bulletin newsletter is sent home from the School Office highlighting important forthcoming dates and events, along with a round-up by Mrs Wilding of the week gone by. Read below recent messages from the Head's desk.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Lent 3

    Published 17/01/18, by Sheena Wilding

    Nursery children have been busy learning about weather this week and discovering what happens when rain and sun happen at the same time. Nature has given us sun, clouds, rain and a drop in temperature this week thereby helping the children to understand the topic at first hand. Creating rainbows has aided their physical, colour mixing and colour recognition skills and helped with their counting. They have been exploring ice by touch and tools, using pipettes and food colouring to change the ice and observing large blocks melt over time. When it was raining the children went for a walk and listened to the sounds created on the ground, on umbrellas and in puddles.

    Transition children have been learning about using water, where and how it is used in their homes, and its importance for life. They have been busy discussing the process of cleaning and have developed their scissors skills by cutting out pictures of clothing which they have then stuck into a picture of a washing machine. Lots of washing up has taken place in their home corner and the dishes and cutlery are now sparkling clean. I could do with some help like this in my own home!

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Lent 2

    Published 10/01/18, by Sheena Wilding

    For some children this has been their first week attending a nursery but you would not know it as they have settled so incredibly well. We have been looking at numbers, shapes, colours and letters generally and have made and used the colour pink in a variety of ways. Wednesday morning was a great example of seeing how well the children accept changes in routine and follow instructions as we had a fire drill which they took in their stride.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Lent 1

    Published 05/01/18, by Sheena Wilding

    We wish everybody a very happy and healthy 2018 from all of us in the Nursery Department.

    It has been a lovely start to the year with children coming in with smiling faces and full of chatter about their holidays and new toys. We have welcomed lots of new children into the nursery rooms and they are getting to know the staff, their new friends and the environment. The new children in Transition are having a wonderful time too and are now settling into the different routines after transferring from their nursery classes.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Autumn 12

    Published 07/12/17, by Sheena Wilding

    This Week

    Christmas has arrived in the classrooms with the children decorating baubles, playing with magic snow, creating stained glass pictures, reindeer hats, cone shaped trees, clay decorations and cards, to name but a few of the wonderful things they have made and which you are sure to enjoy when they bring them home at the end of term.

    We had a very busy Open Morning on Tuesday so many thanks for your kind recommendations. Your children were a brilliant advertisement and the Junior Girls did a tremendous job showing the visitors the Nursery Department.

    We had a lovely time yesterday when the Lower Junior Girls entertained us to their production “Lights, Camel, Action!” The children were spellbound and sat mesmerised throughout, with many of them recounting the story of the nativity on our return to the classrooms.

    Christmas Jumper Day today has been so exciting for everyone and our Department raised £35.50 for "Save the Children"  so many thanks. The morning started with a small farm, "Basil and Crew", arriving and the children enjoying petting the animals, followed by the arrival of Father Christmas at the front of the school and for children in Transition a wonderful Christmas lunch in the dining room. As always a huge thank you goes to the PTA for funding all these amazing experiences.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Autumn 11

    Published 01/12/17, by Sheena Wilding

    This Week

    The nursery classes have been learning about animals which inhabit the polar region. This seems good planning to me considering the drop in temperature this week! I walked into rooms to see children hammering blocks of ice to release polar bears, penguins, arctic foxes and whales to name but a few, playing with magic snow and generally enjoying related small world activities. On the subject of cold weather please send your children in wearing warm coats, hats, scarves and mittens which all need to be named.

    New children have been visiting the nursery rooms this week and have been made to feel very welcome by your little ones, which is lovely to see.

    December arrives and Christmas is upon us. Trees seem to have magically arrived in the classrooms, the children are busily making all sorts of seasonal things and decorations are everywhere! Transition children have started some Christmas crafts, their room is looking very jolly and there is a buzz of excitement about everything they are doing.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Autumn 10

    Published 24/11/17, by Sheena Wilding


    Please send in your child’s costume for our Christmas Production as soon as you have it organised.


    As in previous years we will be helping those less fortunate in our local community by providing the Maidenhead branch of the Salvation Army with Christmas hampers which the Year 10 girls will make up. The Nursery Department have been asked to provide biscuits which can be left in boxes in Transition or the Nursery Hall from now until 7 December. Many thanks in advance for your support. A very big thank you goes to those of you who have already given.

    Christmas Jumper Day is on Friday 8 December and we would appreciate a minimum £1.00 donation for “Save the Children”. Please do not feel you have to go out and buy a special jumper for this. Some of the best have been tinsel and baubles etc attached to a regular top which the children have been involved in creating!

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Autumn 9

    Published 16/11/17, by Sheena Wilding

    Thank you to our PTA!
    What excitement was seen and heard when the children went into the playground this week and discovered six new “piggy back trikes”. These allow twelve children to take turns pedalling or travelling on the rear platform, developing both their social and physical skills. Our generous PTA regularly gives the Nursery Department exciting toys and equipment so my thanks go to them for all their efforts in fund raising. My thanks also go to Stewart and Tony, our Maintenance staff, for assembling these.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Autumn 8

    Published 09/11/17, by Sheena Wilding

    It has been a busy week with the nursery classes making clay poppies for this weekend, learning about reptiles, making snakes by practising their cutting skills and creating textured crocodiles. On Thursday the children went over to the main school hall with the staff and Mrs Challis, our music teacher, to discover the stage and begin practising their Christmas production songs. Although lots of louder singing needs to be developed, the confidence displayed by your children in this change to their routine was wonderful to see.

    Transition children have been looking at farm animals, discussing their appearance, habitats, names of the young and the types of food they consume. Language has been extended and the children are using the terms carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. They have cut out and matched pictures of the animals to their correct homes and drawn some lovely animal pictures. As always they had their gym session on Monday and showed how well they can move and follow instructions.

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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Autumn 7

    Published 18/10/17, by Sheena Wilding


    • Please check your email as I have sent the “2build a profile” observations of your child for this half term.
    • Please return your child’s photograph order by Friday 10 November at the latest.
    • Please inform us if your child will be away at the time of our Nursery Department Christmas production which will take place on Tuesday 12 December at 9.00am with the dress rehearsal happening the day before. We ask that all children attend both mornings even if it is not a booked session. I will be sending out your seat requests form with costume requests nearer the time.
    • Following the publication by Public Health England please be aware that all 2, 3 and 4 year old children (born between 1.09.2013 - 31.08.2015) and all children in school years Reception, 1, 2 and 3 are now eligible for the ‘flu vaccination. More information can be found on NHS Choices here.
    • We wish you all a very happy half term fortnight and will take this opportunity to let you know the Thames Valley Police Halloween code:
      • Please only call at houses you know! Don’t knock on doors where there is a “No trick or treat” sign.
      • Be visible – your children may be dressed as dark beings but they need to be seen by other road users.
      • Take a torch with you.
      • Stay in areas lit well by street lights. Be careful not to frighten vulnerable people, especially the elderly.
      • Don’t let your children talk to strangers on the street.
      • Don’t let your children go into any houses.
      • No treat means no trick – don’t let a good night go bad. Please respect other people’s wishes!
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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Autumn 6

    Published 11/10/17, by Sheena Wilding


    • Please note that individual photographs are being taken on Monday morning. If this is not a booked session for your child but you would like a picture taken then please come in after 8.30a.m. and wait to have it taken. These are generally lovely photographs and make good Christmas presents for the family!
    • We really hope that your child will move into our own Reception classes here at Claires Court and registration is then directly with us. If you have not already done so, but this is your intention, please complete a registration form either online or collect a paper version from the office as transfer from the Nursery is not automatic unless you have signed the paperwork. There is no further registration fee as this was paid before your child started with us. For those children who turn 4 years old by 31.08.2018 and not staying with us you will need to register with the RBWM for a state school place for next September. Information can be found on their website here. Please see the paper letter from RBWM about this which you will receive this week.
    • Please ensure that you supervise your children as soon as they have been handed over by the nursery staff as we are aware that some are running off and sometimes parents forget to bolt the gate!  
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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Autumn 5

    Published 06/10/17, by Sheena Wilding

    Individual Photographs

    The children will be having their photographs taken on Monday 16 October and if your child does not attend on Mondays you are more than welcome to come in and have the picture taken at 8.30am. These make lovely family Christmas presents.


    • We look forward to seeing you at the Fireworks Evening on Saturday 14 October held at the Claires Court Junior Boys site, Ridgeway, as it is always a wonderful family occasion for all ages. Please see posters/ask staff for details.
    • Please return any clothes which your children have borrowed from the Nursery and remember to name all outdoor clothing, jumpers, tee shirts, boots and shoes. If you have clothing for 3 year olds such as joggers, leggings, underwear and socks that you no longer require we would welcome them.
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  • Mrs Wilding's Words Autumn 4

    Published 28/09/17, by Sheena Wilding

    Wow what a busy time we had on Open Morning this Thursday and your children were stars. They managed so well with lots of visitors in their classrooms and were “more outgoing towards unfamiliar people and more confident in new social situations” which is one of the PSE self-confidence and awareness statements in the EYFS.

    The three nursery classes have been learning about life under the sea this week and I have walked into rooms to find them deep under the waves (tents covered with sea-like fabrics and filled with children pretending to be fish and mermaids)! They have been fishing with magnetic rods and exploring spaghetti seaweed. There are now jelly fish hanging from ceilings and fish swimming across walls. As the saying goes, we may all be different but in Claires Court Nursery we all swim together!

    Transition children have been extending their language skills and now know the different names for family members of a range of animals. They have been matching the parent to the baby animal by playing matching games, drawing connecting lines on pictures and creating some lovely models of families of animals.

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