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Claires Court

Claires Court Maidenhead

from Nursery to Sixth Form

Mrs Wilding's words Summer 10

The nursery children made sandwiches with home-made red (raspberry jam) and developed spreading and cutting skills as well as talking about the shapes of the sandwiches they created. Lots of 3D minibeast models have been made and the children have talked about protective clothing that beekeepers need to wear. Their vegetables are growing much to their delight! The children have also been talking about how they will care for the new children who will be visiting their classes over the next fortnight. 

Transition children have continued learning about lifecycles with particular reference to butterflies and ladybirds this week. They are watching caterpillars develop and hope to have 5 painted lady butterflies before long. Great fun was had with the chocolate gloop which fortunately nobody ate though their hands smelt delicious! 

During the week commencing 3rd July the nursery children will continue learning about weather, the multi colours, the number 10 and the letter k. Any small, weather related toys would be ideal as their “Show and Tell” item this week. Transition children will continue learning about life cycles and the letter g.

Important Dates

Friday 7 July will be the Nursery Department Sports Day, starting at 9.15am and ending approximately an hour later. We would like all children to take part even if Friday is not a regular session. 


If sending in sunglasses for your child please name them.

If you have any clothing, particularly shorts, joggers or leggings which your child no longer wears we would be very grateful for them. We started the year with a decent amount of spare items but they seem to have gone astray and when a child needs changing we are struggling to find something to dress them in. Of course it helps if each child has a spare set of clothing on their peg which is replenished when used.  

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