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Head's Words Summer Term Week 2

We are all very excited about “Hatch Watch” taking place in the Nursery hall with the 10 live eggs arriving on Monday, watch the video here. We have seen the hatching take place and have a healthy brood of 9 chicks at the time of writing! This coming week they should be strong enough to handle so there is more excitement to come.

In addition to the chicks we have been looking at life cycles of frogs and the children have created some lovely frog masks, puppets and life cycle charts, and hopped around the rooms pretending to be these jumpy creatures. The pond is alive with water life and the children are fascinated by all the movement and development of the tadpoles, newts, water boatmen and dragonfly nymphs, to name but a few.

Transition children have looked at the outdoors and drew objects they could see. They created still life drawings of trees using their clipboards to lean on. They have developed their manipulative skills by playing with cooked spaghetti and a variety of implements.

The week commencing 25th April the nursery children will be learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, the colour pink, the number 3 and the letter t. Any small toys incorporating a butterfly or pink would be ideal as their “Show and Tell” item this week. Transition children will be learning about plants and growing and the letter l.


As with the Nursery hall please leave buggies and prams outside the Transition room due to lack of space and keeping the floor area, which the children play on, clean.

If your child is leaving Claires Court Nursery at the end of this term please ensure that you put notice in writing as soon as possible but at the latest by half term. Children moving into Claires Court reception classes do not need to do this.

Please remember to put ice packs into the lunch box as we do not store the boxes in refrigerators.

Although the weather is getting warmer please still send in a coat with your child as the temperature does fluctuate and we do go outside every day.

If your child does ballet on Monday afternoons please send in named pink (girls tend to like these) or black (boys tend to wear this colour) leather ballet shoes.


Please give any Sainsbury’s “Active Kids Vouchers” you have to your child’s class leader as we hope to have enough to get some more outdoors play equipment.

Many thanks.


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