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Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Summer 5


We have children within the Nursery and School who have life threatening allergies so you can imagine my horror when I was alerted to an opened snack pack box of nuts littered on the Nursery hall floor at the midday pick up time on Thursday. The area was cleaned immediately to reassure people but this should never have happened. Leave all nut products at home and be considerate of others.


I am aware that some parents and carers are forgetting to push the bolt across to secure the Nursery gate. Whenever you enter or leave it is imperative that you slide the bolt to secure the gate for the safety of your child and other children. This applies to all hours including Before and After School Care times.


A big thank you goes to Humza’s mother who came down from the Maths department on Wednesday to talk to our children about the start of Ramadan, a month of kindness, fasting and how she and her family celebrate. The children thoroughly enjoyed tasting the dates she brought with her and listened well to the lovely story she read to them.

The children in the nursery classes, Transition and Reception were able to hold the chicks this week and have been amazed by the growth and change in a few days. As I sit in my office I will miss the sound of chirping next week when they will have returned to the farm! Life cycles have been a big feature this half term in the nursery rooms and “The Hungry Caterpillar” story has been the basis of this week’s learning with wonderful caterpillars and butterflies created by the children. They have looked at and talked about symmetry, shapes, colours and done lots of counting as well as wandering around the grounds searching for these beautiful creatures.

Transition children have had a busy week talking about and deciding their favourite weather and have created weather wheels, bar charts and symbols. They talked about storms and listened to the related “Percy the Park keeper” story.

During the week commencing 21 May the nursery classes will be learning about woodland and parkland, exploring the grounds here, the colour white, the number 4 and the letter k. Any small toys incorporating topic related objects and white would be ideal as their “Show and Tell” item this week.

Transition children will also be learning about parks and woodland, the letters u, y and visiting our Junior Boys site to support their learning in this topic. (Please ensure that you have signed the permission slip for your child to go).


Please return your sessions booking sheets for the autumn term as soon as possible and by Tuesday 22 May at the latest as I will be allocating space for new children after this date.

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