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Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Lent 3

Nursery children have been busy learning about weather this week. Nature has given us sun, clouds, snow and a big drop in temperature this week thereby helping the children to understand the topic at first hand. They have talked about appropriate winter clothing and dressed people cut outs. The children put out containers of water to see what happens overnight and been exploring the ice created. They have observed large blocks of ice melt over time and have used hammers and tools to change the shapes of the blocks. A variety of materials were used to create textured clouds, igloos, arctic animals and inuits for classroom displays.

Transition children have been learning about winter foods, and their importance for life. They have been busy discussing winter root vegetables, their colours, shapes, textures and smells, and have done some printing with them. Bird feeders have been created to help the wildlife in our Nursery garden and we look forward to seeing different birds enjoying these.

The week commencing 28th January the nursery children will be learning about winter stories, the colour brown, the number 3 and the letter d. Any small toys incorporating these would be ideal as their “Show and Tell” item this week. Transition children will be learning about snow (let’s hope we get just small flurries in the mornings to help with the topic but not a repeat of this week which caused havoc to those who travel some distance!) and the letter m.


Please return your sessions sheets for your summer term requirements as soon as possible. The staff may have put this in your child’s bag so do check there for the sheet.

Wednesday afternoon Cold Cookery activity will be making triangular sandwiches with wholemeal bread, cream cheese and marmite. As always we will have a list of ingredients if you wish to check for allergens.

Please name all jumpers, footwear and outside clothing and check that names are still visible. We go outside everyday so that clothes are on and off and easily mixed up. Some parents ask us about going out when it is cold and our response is that if a child has appropriate clothing there is no problem and the cold has the added bonus of helping to halt the spread of germs.

Please avoid using your phones when coming in to the Nursery garden and collecting your children.

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