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Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Summer 3

In the three nursery rooms the children have been looking at the life cycle of frogs and have created some lovely pictures using bubble wrap to represent the frogspawn, and frog stampers to print the stages of development. They have also practised their scissor skills by cutting out and then sequencing pictures of the life cycle. Frog masks and puppets have also been made. They have hopped around the rooms pretending to be these jumpy creatures so have used many different learning opportunities this week. The pond is alive with water life and the children are fascinated by all the movement and development of the tadpoles, newts, water boatmen and dragonfly nymphs, to name but a few.

Transition children have continued learning about the different parts of a plant and the uses of these. They set up an experiment with carnations and coloured water and observed how the plants changed colour. Pictures of flowers were created using a variety of shapes and materials, and they have cut out pictures of different sized flowers to put into size order, so it has been a very busy week.

The week commencing Monday 13 May the nursery children will be learning about the life cycle of a chick, the colour yellow, the number 3 and the letter n. Any small toys incorporating an egg or yellow would be ideal as their “Show and Tell” item this week. We are all very excited about “Hatch Watch” taking place in the Nursery hall with the 10 live eggs arriving on Monday.

Transition children will be learning about the weather and the letter t.


Please do not use your mobile phones within the Nursery area for child protection reasons. If you need to make or receive a call please do so outside the Nursery garden. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Please name all items of uniform clothing and footwear and send in sunhats as the better weather approaches. If you wish sun cream to be applied by staff during the day please provide a named, high factor cream and sign the permission slip. Ensure that you have applied cream on your child before coming to school so that your child is protected until afternoon.

As we approach summer we will be out on the main field on a regular basis practising for our Sports Day so please send your children in wearing appropriate footwear for running and physical activity. It will take place on Friday 5 July starting at 9.15 am and all parents are invited.

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