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Mrs Wilding's Weekly Words Lent 7

Spring is on the way so imagine our joy when we discovered frogspawn in the pond. The honeycomb children have already collected a small amount and have transferred it to a tank in their room with some pond water and weed. We are looking forward to watching and learning about the life cycle of frogs close up. The newts and pond skaters were also dashing about the pond which further adds to our exploration and learning. Would you believe it we found six newts which is the number of the week!

The Nursery classes have been learning about 'my planet Earth' and, referencing the colour of the week, have created pictures of our 'blue' planet. They made pancakes on Tuesday, learning about the ingredients, quantities and the mixing process. We hope that the Welsh families in our community have a lovely St David’s Day on Sunday and enjoy the daffodil pictures some of the children have made.

This week Transition children have been talking about looking after our planet and what we can recycle and where we can recycle items. They had a lovely tasting session on Tuesday sampling pancakes with lemon and sugar or honey; learning about the ingredients needed to make these and why we eat them on Shrove Tuesday.

During the week commencing Monday 2 March the Nursery children will be learning about 'my planet in the solar system', the colour silver, the number 7 and the letter i. Transition children will be learning about 'recycling paper' and the letter p.


  • We hope that you enjoyed the emailed observations of your children over the half term and we welcome any comments. Remember that we have an open door and are more than happy to discuss progress.
  • The cold cookery activity on Wednesday afternoon will be making fruit crumbles using yoghurt, fruit puree and digestive biscuits
  • World Book Day is on Thursday 5 March so if the children would like to come in wearing a simple costume representing their favourite book character that day, it would be lovely. It would be great if the 'show and tell' item on Thursday could be their favourite book but please name this in case of any multiples.

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