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Mrs Wilding’s Weekly Words Lent 10

As Ella’s mummy said to me yesterday “It’s so lovely coming in here as life seems so normal” and that is what we have tried to provide your children with in what has become an increasingly surreal time. Charity week has taken place at Claires Court and what a great day our super heroes themed day turned out to be. The children looked amazing and had so much fun so thank you for getting them dressed up and supporting the Link Foundation charity for which we raised £72.00.

Nursery children have started talking and learning about Easter. They have been cutting out and printing things such as cards and headbands whilst enjoying a range of related stories. They have also been busy creating surprises for you for Sunday!

As always I asked Miss Green if she could send me a few words about what she had done this week, meaning the children in Transition. Her immediate reply was 'panic' with a jokey face emoji followed by "We looked at climate change and how the weather is changing, the ice caps melting and the impact on animals. We also did lots of rhyming activities and made Mother’s Day cards”.

Normally at this point in my words I am telling you the basics of our planning for the week ahead which would have said “The week commencing Monday 23 March the Nursery children will continue learning about Easter, the number 10 and discover how to make the colour pink. Transition children will focus on Easter and the letters x and y.” Our gym session for this coming week were to be running and chasing games for the 3 year olds and parachute group games for the 4 year olds, both of which require a number of children so let’s adapt. I have included an number of activities that you can get involved in at home:

  • read stories with an Easter theme.
  • talk about eggs, where chocolate comes from and have a go with your children making chocolate nests showing them how chocolate melts (you can do this in a microwave or very carefully supervised over a pan of hot water). You can use items such as Cornflakes, Rice Krispies and chocolate eggs. This will bring in some maths with measuring quantities as well as language development, knowledge and the understanding of the science behind the change in state of chocolate, along with the physical development of fine motor control in the mixing of ingredients.
  • Mix red and white paint and make playdough (uncooked version needs 2 cups of plain flour, ½ cup of salt, 1 table spoon of oil and water with paint to mix). Use the playdough in role play, for maths activities and physical development such as using knives and scissors for cutting. Next week I will send a different recipe.
  • Hard boil an egg and decorate using felt tip pens.
  • Put on some music and encourage lots of dancing and try some hopping to practise being an Easter bunny.

Next week I will give you some links to online resources which you may find useful.

I wish you all good health and happiness and I am looking forward to re-opening. I will welcome you all back with joy and hopefully be allowed to have a hug! Have a great time with your children and make the most of this time together as they grow up so incredibly quickly.

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