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Mrs Kirby's words Lent week 6

From Mrs Ainsley

With the start of Chinese New Year this week, the children were engaged in a variety of activities linked to the celebration. 

We read the story of how twelve animals were asked by the Gods to take part in a race across the river. Some helped each other and some found different ways of getting across. At the end, they all began to argue about who the best was. The Gods explained that all the animals had different strengths, gifts and talents that had helped them in the race. After that they did not argue anymore and were happy to take turns.

We discussed our own strengths and how we are all different.

At snack time, the children tried rice and noodles and some who were brave enough, dipped their prawn cracker into sweet chilli dip.

I don’t think I can write without mentioning the drop in temperature this week. This inspired the Nursery staff to create experiments with the children based on water freezing and melting. They used various liquids and powders to make a reaction with the ice. We had so much fun.

Mrs Freeman’s class created some incredible atmospheric paintings of the sea this week. Mr Goddard, the art teacher at Junior boys was so impressed, he has featured two of them on his artists of the week.

I hope you all received the observations on your children from 2simple. If you haven’t, please let me know.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and healthy half term and I know I am looking forward to Spring being just around the corner when we return.

After half term…

  • Topic = dentists
  • Letter = i
  • Number = 6
  • Colour = white

Please look out at the end of the week for the 2Build a Profile observations being sent to your email. If your child is new to nursery, please ensure you have accepted the 2Build a Profile email which has been sent to you. Sometimes it goes into your spam so check there too.


  • Please ensure all snacks and lunches are free from nuts and kiwis.
  • Please name all clothing worn and brought into school, including shoes.
  • Please can children wear shoes which they can put on and take off themselves.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Nursery Team

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