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Nursery's words Lent week 2

Mud, mud, glorious mud! That is the song which came to mind this week. The visits to the Junior Boys site for Forest School has consisted of lots of fun in the Thicket especially when Mr P took them to a different part where there was a slope. Children and teachers were challenged to climb up and down the muddy slope, (from the photos, children definitely fared better than the staff.)

For the untrained eye, you would think that this was just pure fun and frivolity! However, physical exploration is essential for all different reasons. This sort of activity develops a child’s inner core and balance and allows their muscles to build. Core strength is important because your core is one of the main things that supports the rest of your body. Poor posture and weak core muscles can lead to issues with handwriting and a child not having the strength to sit up straight or to grasp a pencil properly. Further reading on core strength.

Our topic has been ‘Under the Sea’ this week and the children engaged in imaginative play with a beautiful sea scene. The next day when they came in, they were horrified to see that all the animals were in trouble as there was a fishing net and lots of rubbish in the water with them. This prompted lots of language about pollution (our word of the week) and what we could do to help the animals and their environment. They always surprise us with their maturity and understanding about what seems like very grown up topics. Here are a couple of direct quotes from the children: 

“ I went under the Sea, it was purple at the bottom and I saw some plastic bottles and I got them out.”

“We’re going to get rid of the plastic so that the animals don’t die.”

Today the children were intrigued by the real fish which appeared in the rooms. We printed with them to see the effect of their beautiful scales. There was lots of conversation on the various names of the fishes' body parts. 

In our two year old room, Bumble Bees, they have also been looking at ‘Under the Sea’ and have been very creative this week making sea creatures.


  • Please bring a coat every day with hats, scarves and mittens if required
  • We like to promote independence in the children and therefore could we ask that the children have shoes with velcro or zips which they can put on and take off themselves
  • Please provide a water bottle and ensure they are named
  • Our uniform is navy bottoms, our blue school polo top and school burgundy jumper. We have some second hand jumpers if you would like to buy one which are £3.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Ainsley and the Nursery Team.

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