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Nursery words Lent week 6

The first part of this week was spent creating a little bit of love for someone special. Giving love and being loved is a basic need for all of us and I have gone into more detail about this at the end of this bulletin.

The children created their own cards and they discussed what love was and the different types of love there might be.

The topic this week was transport over ground and trains seemed to be the favourite mode of transport. From the office I could hear lots of singing about trains and rhymes which promoted beat, alliteration and rhyming.

Artwork was created by making tracks with the trains on a small and large scale.

Some children decided to create independently using different media. A child in the Busy Bees class created a “beach buggy that goes on the sand.” Another created a hot air balloon using flat 2D shapes. Amazing!!

Our younger children were also looking at transport which is above the ground so they created hot air balloons and made tracks and prints of their own.

Spring also seemed to be within touching point too this week as they started to plant seeds. I can not wait to taste the sweetcorn, beetroot and other vegetables in the Summer.

The Language of Love

Our relationships rely on how we communicate our emotions whilst highlighting how we (individually) like to express and receive love. American Author Gary Chapman concluded, after many years of working around the subject of love and relationships, that there are five different love languages; quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service and receiving gifts and each person responds to these love languages differently. For example, someone may value a hug over receiving a gift. It isn’t to say that a person doesn’t appreciate receiving gifts – they just prefer a hug!  Our children are the same. To discover more about a child’s love language, please click here.

Next week is half-term so I hope you have a happy and relaxing week and we’ll see you on Monday 28 February.

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