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Nursery Words Lent Week 7

The children have been learning about the moon and stars this week and have watched Neil Armstrong walking on the moon; they then acted out what they might do if they went. 

Creativity flowed with the children using a variety of media to make a giant sized space shuttle to play in, and I’m looking forward to having a go!

Food always unites us in the Nursery and Shrove Tuesday was no exception. The children ate pancakes with lemon, sugar and fruit. Many children were quick to remind us that sugar is a treat and I am so glad that our healthy eating talks are understood and listened to. 

The children also had the opportunity to develop their cutting skills and to be able to sequence and order the preparation, cooking and eating of pancakes. An excellent pre-reading skill.

A science experiment was also attempted. The children made rockets and these were then attached to a stick. With a piece of hose pipe, a bottle and a few fingers crossed, the rockets were launched into the air. What fun to see which rocket went the highest.


In the 2-year-old room, the children played with moon dust; searching for stars and various shapes to count.

Pancakes and all the trimmings were enjoyed by our younger cohort




They were also able to create their dream pancake by sticking various toppings onto a paper pancake. Mine would definitely be golden syrup, fruit and Greek yoghurt!

On Thursday 3 March, World Book Day celebrated their 25th anniversary. Find out how it started and why. What is World Book Day?


Spending just 10 minutes a day reading and sharing stories with children can make a crucial difference to their future success and it’s fun for all involved. We have created a huge emphasis on books, reading, role play and language in the Nursery. The impact this has on a child’s future understanding of books and reading is crucial.

Read the following blog by The National Literacy Trust about the importance of reading and ways that you can promote it at home. Reading to children is so powerful, so simple and yet so misunderstood.

Our World Book Day pictures

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Ainsley and the Nursery Team.

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