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Nursery Words Lent Week 8

The children have continued with their topic on ‘Above the Atmosphere’ this week, building on their knowledge and understanding and extending their vocabulary about the moon, stars and planets.

 They have been more independent in their learning by engaging with each other and supporting their learning with continuous provision. Our favourite quote of the week was from one of the children commenting about Jupiter, “That’s the one with the continual storm.”

In the 2 year old room, the children have also continued with activities linked to the moon and read ‘Aliens Love Underpants’

Continuous provision, as seen below, allows the children to build on and enhance what they already know.

Continuous provision describes all the different provision areas which are available for your child to use everyday. For example, small world and imaginative toys, creative materials, books and literacy aids, mathematical resources and access to outside to promote physical development.

Carefully planned continuous provision will enable children to learn skills, will challenge their thinking and help them to embed and connect concepts.

It should also provide opportunities for a variety of learning conversations between children and adults with rich opportunities for modelling and extending speech and vocabulary.

It is within this learning environment that the children will also develop key learning attributes, like our Claires Court essentials:

How an early years environment is planned, resourced, valued and used can impact positively, or negatively, on the above and affect children’s engagement, independence, self-regulation and curiosity.


Please remember to book your child in if you are requiring Easter holiday care by the 1st April. The link for the form is  here

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Ainsley and the Nursery Team.

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