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Mrs Wilding's Words Autumn Term Week 2

For our first full week and the topic of “Traditional rhymes and stories “the nursery classes have been talking about “The Enormous Turnip”, printing with turnips and other vegetables and acting out the story. They discovered how to make the colour orange by making the playdough.

Transition children have been really busy creating sequence pictures the “Red Riding Hood” story, have acted out the story using puppets and dolls and have discussed the different versions of the story. Miss Green tells me how incredibly well the children have settled in the Transition class, are managing a range of independent skills and have been talking about the “Golden Rules”.

The week commencing 19th September the 3 Nursery rooms will discuss “The Little Red Hen” story, the number 2, the colour brown and the letter f. Any toy incorporating brown would be lovely as a “Show and Tell” item. The Transition children will be talking about “The Three Little Pigs” and the letter “n”.

“Every movement counts” is the motto of a new Department of Health campaign to encourage children aged under five to be physically active for at least 3 hours a day.

Recent research undertaken by Loughborough University has shown an alarming statistic that only one in ten children aged two to four is active for the minimum the recommended amount of time. When I walk into our classrooms and outside areas I am glad to say that I observe children who are incredibly active, whether it is developing their gross motor or fine motor skills. In this first full week I have seen children using small spoons to pick up lentils and place them in little containers, making and playing with dough, using writing and mark making materials, transporting sand with a variety of tools, taking part in their gym sessions, moving to music with Mrs Challis, running, climbing frames, riding scooters and the list could go on and on. We are an active rich environment and I am certain the team here are getting your children “school ready”.

I feel sure that you encourage physical activity as I hear from the children about trips to the park, walks in the woods and the physical toys they have at home but just a reminder and that is if your child can walk rather than sit in a buggy it all contributes to that 3 hours.



  • We are a “No Nuts” environment as we have some children with severe allergies and this includes products such as pesto and chocolate spread. We have been advised that kiwi fruit is also to be avoided. Fruit such as grapes need to be cut into 4 pieces to avoid choking hazards and avoid cutting foods into circular shapes for this reason for example cut a sausage lengthways rather than across.
  • Any child who has sickness or diarrhoea must remain at home for 48 hours after the last bout.

Next Friday 23 September is Jeans for Genes day and the children can wear jeans and their own top (not Nursery one) for a £1 donation.

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