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Mrs Wilding's Words Autumn Term Week 4

What a busy time we had on Open Morning this Tuesday and your children were stars. They managed so well with lots of visitors in their classrooms and were “more outgoing towards unfamiliar people and more confident in new social situations” which is one of the PSE self-confidence and awareness statements in the EYFS.

They have been acting out the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, making bowls out of clay, trying porridge at snack time and generally having enormous fun.

Transition children have been looking at the story of “The Little Red Hen” and managed to retell it using finger puppets and other props. They looked at the process of turning wheat into flour and using real wheat managed to extract the seeds by rubbing it between their hands. They made bread dough rolls which they took home to cook. I hope these were enjoyed by all. The collage pictures they created of the hens are delightful.

Many thanks for supporting our Harvest Festival by donating goods for those in need in our local area which the Salvation Army were delighted to receive. A big thank you goes to Harry Burfitt’s mother for providing big sacks of grains and sheaves of wheat which the children explored and we used to display the harvest foods.

We have received a rubberized Jenga game, juggling scarves, a mountain shaped stepping stone and some small balls from the Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers which you kindly donated during the summer term. The children are really enjoying playing with these so a big thank you comes from them.

The week commencing 3rd October the nursery classes will be talking about nursery rhymes and in particular “Humpty Dumpty” and “The Queen of Hearts” and doing a range of related crafts. The number is 4, the colour is pink the letter is h. Any toy coloured pink or related to the topic will be welcome as their “Show and tell” item this week.

Transition children will be discussing “The Enormous Turnip” story. Their letter of the week is h.


Please bolt the Nursery gate behind you as you enter and leave for the safety of yours and other children.

With autumn approaching please leave named wellington boots in your child’s classroom and send in outdoor clothing each day. We would be enormously appreciative if you helped your child in learning to take off and putting on their shoes and coats. Please avoid shoes with laces as very few children of this age are able to tie them without help. Getting 16 children in each room dressed to go outdoors is very time consuming if they are unable to do this for themselves, meaning we have less time to play!

If your child attends the ballet class on Monday afternoons please provide named ballet shoes which can be bought from Goyals, our school uniform supplier.

Please name your child’s lunch box on the outside of the box.

We have a healthy eating policy so please do not send in any nut or kiwi products as these may cause a severe allergic reaction for some children. We have been advised by our paediatric first aid trainers that grapes should be cut into quarters to reduce choking hazards so please do this if sending in these fruits in the packed lunches.

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