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Mrs Wilding's Words Lent 5

It’s been a lovely week celebrating Chinese New Year with all the children on Monday sampling simple Chinese food with the Transition children using chopsticks very successfully! Boxes have been painted and decorated to represent a dragon which the Honeycomb children will walk under as they visit the offices. Lots of pictures using chopsticks have been created and handprint roosters looked amazing. Well done everyone.

The nursery rooms have been learning about travel into space. Beehive and Busy Bees children have made huge 3D rockets and when I asked where they were travelling to I was told the Moon, Mars and Saturn so they are already naming some of the solar system.

Transition children have been looking at the planets in our solar system and have talked about what aliens might look like. They created alien masks and have been singing “5 little men in their flying saucer”.

Open Day on Wednesday was very well attended so many thanks for your recommendations and a big thank you to all the children who welcomed the visitors into their rooms and demonstrated their confidence, social skills and abilities in a wonderful way. 

During the week commencing 6 February the nursery children will be learning about our solar system, the colour silver, the number 5 and the letter s. Any small toys incorporating green would be ideal as their “Show and Tell” item this week. Transition children will be learning about journey into space and the letters u and y.


  • Following the Health Protection Agency we adhere to the 48 hour rule which means that a child who has vomited or had diarrhoea must NOT return to the Nursery for 48 hours after the last episode. Please respect this ruling to avoid others becoming ill.
  • The Cold Cookery activity on Wednesday afternoon will be making red jam heart shaped sandwiches and the following ingredients will be used:- brown bread and jam.
  • The playground activities for the week will include large balls and hoops.


  • Please return any borrowed nursery clothing as soon as possible as we seem to be running low on the spares we hold for children who need a change during the session. If your children have outgrown socks, underwear and trousers / leggings these are always welcomed.
  • Miss Green has requested that the Transition snack item is a piece of fruit or vegetables such as carrot sticks which is in line with what the children in the nursery classes have. Many thanks for your cooperation with this.

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