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Mrs Wilding's Words Lent 7

Spring is on the way so imagine our joy when Harry’s Mummy brought in four one week to eleven day old lambs for the morning on Tuesday for the children to observe and cuddle. A pen was created in our garden area, thanks to our maintenance staff, and the lambs were free to run around when not in the arms of children and staff. What a wonderful learning opportunity for the children and we cannot thank Miss Vincent enough for doing this for us and for telling the children so much. The frogs were busy during half term and our pond is now teaming with frogspawn so look out for some in the classrooms as we follow their life cycle!

Nursery lambs visitIt was then on to focus on the topic “Shapes and colours” and the nursery classes have produced some wonderful self-portraits using shapes and have used recycled materials to make representations of their homes.

Transition children have been learning about “2 and 3D shapes” and have set up a shape station to explore the properties of shapes. They have discovered lots of new vocabulary, have had a shapes hunt in the classroom, played related games and created associated pictures.

During the week commencing 27 February the nursery children will continue learning about “Shapes with lines”, the colour green, the number 7 and the letter u. Any small toys incorporating green would be ideal as their “Show and Tell” item this week. Transition children will be learning about “Patterns”, the colour yellow and the letter o.

Thank you
A huge thank you goes to you all for supporting our “Cake Sale” on Wednesday in aid of Reuben’s fight against cancer. I donated £250.00, which we had raised, around 4 p.m. that day on his “Gofundme” site! Not sure what happened to the message to him from us all but at least the money has gone through. I must also say a big thank you to Mrs Freeman’s mother who braved the cold to give me invaluable help on the stall.


  • We hope that you enjoyed the emailed observations of your children over the half term and we welcome any comments. Remember that we have an open door and are more than happy to discuss progress.
  • World Book Day is on Friday 3 March so if the children would like to come in wearing a simple costume representing their favourite book character that day it would be lovely. 

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