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Mrs Wilding's Words Lent 10

The nursery classes have had a busy week both indoors and out and have had enormous fun discovering hundreds of tadpoles in our pond as well as several newts. They have been investigating shapes with curves and have made clay hearts, self-portraits, bubble wrap and other media prints and have constructed using associated toys. Fine motor skills have been developed using threading activities such as placing pasta tubes on chenille stems and beads onto strings. As always lots of gross motor development has taken place and this week balancing activities and learning to go through, over and under a variety of gym equipment has taken place.

Transition children have been learning about cubes and cuboids and have taken some boxes apart to count their faces. They have made vehicles from boxes, have made beautiful boxes out of lolly sticks and have played shapes games. Their gym session found them in the playground practising balancing on one leg, hopping and skipping and then team relay races. As always their gym is only a fraction of all the physical learning that takes place every day.

We have had lots of new children visiting us this week who will be joining in April and your children have been very kind in welcoming them and helping them to settle in.

During the week commencing 20 March the nursery children will be learning about Easter, the colour pink, the number 10 and the letters x, y, z. Any small toys incorporating these would be ideal as their “Show and Tell” item this week. Transition children will be learning about Easter and the letter g

Please accept my many thanks for buying raffle tickets for our School’s “3for3” charity week. The Nursery Department will continue this during the coming week and plan to draw the lucky ticket for the basket of Easter goodies during our EYFS assembly on Friday 24.


  • We hope everyone has enormous fun at the Easter egg hunt at Junior Boys tomorrow, Saturday 18 March and look forward to seeing you there.
  • Cold Cookery on Wednesday afternoon will see us decorating readymade buns for you to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mrs Duxbury, Busy Bees Nursery assistant, is training for a 10km run on 15th April as a fund raiser in support of Reuben so if you wish to sponsor her please visit her page on Just Giving Katie Duxbury Reuben’s Fight.  

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