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Miss Barlow's Weekly Words

Our weekly Bulletin highlights the important forthcoming dates and events, along with a round-up by Miss Barlow of the week gone by. Read below recent messages from the Head's desk.

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Autumn 12

    Published 07/12/17, by Leanne Barlow

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

    Well... what a week?! The headline has to be our wonderful Christmas performances. On Wednesday evening and yesterday afternoon we were wowed with performances from both Upper and Lower Juniors. Lower Juniors entertained us with 'Lights Camel Action' and Upper Juniors with 'Cinderella Rockerfella!' All the girls impressed us with the amount of lines and cues they had to learn and memorise as well as the incredible acting, singing and dancing skills not to mention the cheesy jokes and chat up lines!! What always impresses is the confidence the girls exude and the apparent ease they have with being on stage, in fact I am in awe of this fact! We still have another performance to go next Tuesday - Nursery and Lower Juniors! 

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Autumn 11

    Published 30/11/17, by Leanne Barlow

    Do we really only have two weeks left?! This week has been, once again, full of achievements and opportunities.

    In our assembly on Tuesday, we welcomed Mrs Heywood to tell her story of Christmas presents. Amazingly, for the 33 years she has been married, her husband has made (and when I say made I mean extraordinarily crafted) her a present to symbolise the events of the year. Her gifts resemble the amazing talent which her husband has and the progress he has made from the his early pieces to the incredible detail involved in the later pieces. This was a wonderful example of how everyone has different talents but also that the thought and effort which goes in to making a gift can mean so much more than buying gifts. What a wonderful start to our week. 

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Autumn 10

    Published 23/11/17, by Leanne Barlow

    First thing's first - Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

    This week has been unlike no other: busy! This week has seen Year 6 travel to the Living Rainforest whilst Year 1 took a short minibus ride to the Sounding Arch as part of their learning about sound. From the sporting side of things the girls have competed against The Abbey in hockey and against LVS in netball. Yesterday 10 girls travelled to Aldershot to compete in the London West ISA Swimming competition. 

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Autumn 9

    Published 16/11/17, by Leanne Barlow

    'Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless' - Mother Theresa

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Autumn 8

    Published 10/11/17, by Leanne Barlow

    Notes from a distant Newquay Tour...

    As I write my Bulletin words this week, my view is of the beautiful sea here in Newquay. We are currently on our annual Hockey and Rugby Tour and so far all is going very well; two matches have been played and the boys and girls have visited the Aquarium and will be trying to beat Mr Pennington and Miss Hudson at bowling this evening!

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Autumn 7

    Published 19/10/17, by Leanne Barlow

    1st half term has been and gone.... wow!

    The girls have achieved so  much this half term, I'm not sure where to start. So far this academic year...

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words - Autumn 6

    Published 13/10/17, by Leanne Barlow

    In a week when Amanda Spielman, Chief Inspector of Education, comments on the state of the State Sector....

    ..we, at Claires Court Junior Girls, are happily continuing with our broad curriculum which offers a whole host of opportunities. Amanda Spielman has said that focus on National Curriculum Tests is at the expense of 'rich and full knowledge'.

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words - Autumn 5

    Published 05/10/17, by Leanne Barlow

    Autumn is definitely here... The leaves are changing colour, the temperature is getting cooler and Christmas is already being spoken about!

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words - Autumn 4

    Published 28/09/17, by Leanne Barlow

    Forever thankful. Forever thoughful.

    This week we celebrated harvest with our festival on Wednesday. Our theme - Harvest Around the World. Each class performed a song, a recital or a dance to represent how Harvest is celebrated around the world. From Mexico to Poland, we enjoyed confident and proud performances. Reception wowed us with their first ever song on stage as a Junior Girl and presented their, very scary, scarecrow! Year 5 presented me with a wreath (which I wasn't supposed to wear apparently!); representing the Polish tradition of presenting a flower garland to the 'Lady of the Manor' - I may request to change my title! A wonderful afternoon was had by all. Thank you for all of your donations of food which will be presented to the Salvation Army next week - they really are truly grateful.

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  • Miss Barlow's Weekly Words Autumn 3

    Published 22/09/17, by Leanne Barlow

    Autumn is here which means Jeans for Genes and Harvest Festival time.... as well as woolly mammoths, Alice in Wonderland and rainforest bags!

    Today is Jeans for Genes day and all of the girls have made a special effort to wear jeans to raise money for children who have a genetic disorder. Thank you everyone who has donated. Today also marks the official start of Autumn and we are looking forward to celebrating it next week with our special 'Harvest Around the World' Festival!

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  • Miss Barlow's Words Autumn 2

    Published 14/09/17, by Leanne Barlow

    First full week complete! We have now been back at School for over a week and what a fantastic start we have had; the girls have made a brilliant start to the new year. Our youngest members, Reception, have settled in extremely well and  have already achieved so much, including: taking a tour of the school, swimming, travelling to Junior Boys to have their first class photo taken and have climbed trees and built castles! To see photos of our new Reception class and their parents on their first day please see here.

    In our gallery this week, you will find photos from each class showing what they have been learning. Reception have been tree climbing and leaf collecting at Junior Boys, and back here have made cakes, used a typewriter and building castles! The girls in Year 1 have impressed Miss Sadler with their numbers bonds and ordering of numbers, and they have also started learning about their topic - Marvellous Me - by starting to create their family tree. Year 2 have been learning about healthy eating in science this week and made guacomole (or ruac-omole!)in their lesson on Thursday! Year 3 have learned about the characteristics of rocks in science and have wowed Miss Mansfield with their recounts of their summer holidays. Year 4 have been classifying animals in science and have started asking questions about their topic, which they will aim to answer during the term. Year 5 have truly started their Curioser and Curioser topic, writing diary entries about Jack's journey through The Tunnel. They have also produced some wonderful gymnastic routines in PE. In Year 6, the girls have been playing fizz buzz (timetables) and have been introduced to Hegarty Maths, whilst also focusing on grammar in their writing linked to their Amazon topic.

    Tomorrow the prize winners of the Maidenhead and Me competition are invited to the Nicholson Centre to receive their prizes. I look forward to seeing you there and seeing our entries displayed. 

    I do hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

    Miss Barlow

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  • Miss Barlow's Words Autumn 1 - Welcome Back!

    Published 08/09/17, by Leanne Barlow

    A very warm welcome back to Claires Court Junior Girls.

    The answers:
    To learn...
    To read and write...
    To meet friends...
    To collaborate...
    To learn kindness...
    To live...
    To give our parents space(!)

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