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Head's Words Lent Term Week 10

As we draw closer to the end of the Lent Term, it is time to reflect on what the girls have achieved in such a condensed term. As I look back on all of these achievements, from sporting to academic, to music to drama, it is hard to believe that the girls have had time for much else…. But they have!

Our topic based curriculum has delivered some wonderful experiences this year, encompassing and embedding fundamental skills across all subjects. These include:

Year 3 Chocolate Topic

The girls have learned to use the skills of:  writing, reading, acting, designing, analysing, evaluating, critical thinking, reflective, risk taking, creative thinking, measuring, enquiry, number… the list goes on. To use these skills, Mrs Tyrrell has facilitated a Chocolate Workshop; Data Collection; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a key text to learn from; Hotseating in character; and tasting different types of chocolates. It is important to give the girls a context to learn in and the girls have fun too - an important component of learning.

Year 2 Great Fire of London Topic

This week, the girls performed their Great fire of London play and set fire to their houses to show just how quickly the fire would have spread in 1666. The girls learned facts through acting and singing, and used their writing, reading and maths skills within this. Learning has been made fun and visual, enabling the girls to remember key facts and an opportunity to use reasoning and enquiry skills too.

First hand accounts of the WarYear 5 WW2 Topic

Year 5 have learned and used many different skills for this topic. Their artistic side was put to good use to create Blitz Pictures and Miss Pelizzari Grandparents visited the class to talk to the girls about their experience. This made the topic come to life for the girls and made it real.

The learning opportunities we have are exciting and we all enjoy just how creative we can be to enrich the girls’ learning experience and instill a love of learning for life.

I hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable Easter Break.

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