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Miss Barlow's Weekly Words - Autumn 4

Forever thankful. Forever thoughful.

This week we celebrated harvest with our festival on Wednesday. Our theme - Harvest Around the World. Each class performed a song, a recital or a dance to represent how Harvest is celebrated around the world. From Mexico to Poland, we enjoyed confident and proud performances. Reception wowed us with their first ever song on stage as a Junior Girl and presented their, very scary, scarecrow! Year 5 presented me with a wreath (which I wasn't supposed to wear apparently!); representing the Polish tradition of presenting a flower garland to the 'Lady of the Manor' - I may request to change my title! A wonderful afternoon was had by all. Thank you for all of your donations of food which will be presented to the Salvation Army next week - they really are truly grateful.

Yesterday, Mrs Stevenson, informed the Year 4 class of their chosen instruments for their instrumental project. Each girl chose a 1st or 2nd preference (Violin, Flute or Cello). The girls have been trialling the instruments for the past three weeks and next week they start the project, formally; each week receiving an instrumental lesson. This, along with the beautiful singing performances on Wednesday, make me realise how important music really is. I am so proud that, here at Claires Court, we offer music lessons twice weekly as well as numerous opportunities to perform throughout the year. An article, which I read this week, was titled: "Music is instrumental to a child's development" which is so incredibly true. In the state sector, music is often dropped, if it even appears on the timetable at all! Performing in solo performances or as an ensemble can help pupils gain confidence and is incredibly rewarding. Being a part of a concert or production involves teamwork, social skills as well developing resilience and perseverance. These and many more and reasons why our events are so important and why we will never stop doing them.

This week also saw National Poetry Week. Many classes wrote poems, told poems and listened to poems. Mr Wespieser, Dad of Evie in Year 1 and Head of English, visited Year 1 to tell his poem. Much fun was had - although we missed the unicorn outfit from last year! 

A few notices

Drop off and Pick Up Arrangements

Please can I remind all parents that drop off and pick up times are as follows:

  Reception & Year 1 Years 2 - 6
Drop Off 8:30am 8:30am
Pick Up 3:30pm 3:50pm
After School Activities

5pm for all if staying for activities

NB: Girls can be collected from study (in the dining room or ICT suite) between 4pm and 5pm

5pm for all if staying for activities

NB: Girls can be collected from study (in the dining room or ICT suite) between 4pm and 5pm

For your information, if your daughter arrives before 8:30am she should be taken to Before School Care. Any girl found on the playground unsupervised will be taken to Before School Care. At 8:30am, a member of staff will be on duty.

If your daughter is not collected at the end of activities (we will wait for 10 minutes), she will be taken to After School Care.

Site Access

If you have a need to visit the site, for example for a meeting, you will be asked to sign in and wear a visitor’s badge. This is very important for the safeguarding of our pupils and for health and safety.

During the day or at pick up times, parents are politely asked to wait in the atrium or by the School Office and not to access the site unaccompanied. If you are collecting from Before or After School Care, please enter and exit this area through the Nursery gates.

Reading Eggs & Mathletics

These two 3P Learning Programmes have proved very successful, over the past few years, in providing an additional learning tool. As always, we review the resources which we have and whilst we will be continuing to use Mathletics, we have decided to stop our Reading Eggs subscription, meaning the girls’ logins will come to an end. However, you are invited to sign up to Reading Eggs at home.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Barlow

Merit Certificates Clodagh Ennis (Reception), Anna Lavrova (Year 1), Charlene Fleischer & Florence Slimming (Year 2), Indya-Rose Adams (Year 3), Darcie Allanson & Chloe Massoubre (Year 4), Olivia Maskell (Year 5) and Zara Brewer (Year 6) 

Bunny Awards  Scarlett Hall (Reception ) for always following the Golden Rules and for always being in the right place at the right time, and the whole of Year 5 for representing Claires Court so well on their trip to Marchants Hill.

Sadly, we seemed to have lost Caramel. If you have seen her anywhere, please bring her back to school. If she doesn't turn up this week, we may have to purchase a new Caramel!

Mathlete of the Week Emily Terry

Winning House St Vincent

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