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Miss Barlow's Weekly Words - Autumn 6

In a week when Amanda Spielman, Chief Inspector of Education, comments on the state of the State Sector....

..we, at Claires Court Junior Girls, are happily continuing with our broad curriculum which offers a whole host of opportunities. Amanda Spielman has said that focus on National Curriculum Tests is at the expense of 'rich and full knowledge'.

Refreshingly, she states that "A good curriculum should lead to good results", without the need for drilling pupils for tests. Our curriculum at Claires Court ensures that the pupils are treated as individuals and given opportunities to develop and deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding in a range of subject areas. As well as the 'classroom' activities, a variety opportunities to apply different skill sets should be facilitated. For example, this week our group of Reading Ambassadors were revealed. Their job is to provide reading activities for the younger pupils at break times and lunchtimes in the Outdoor Classroom. Each day, these 8 girls will take a selection of books and read with others and question them on understanding. The Reading Ambassadors undertook a short training session with Miss Sadler this week, which went incredibly well.

Also this week...

Many sporting fixtures took place (the most in one week, I think!) 

U11A Hockey vs Highfield - Lost 3-0 (Player of the match - Lola Constable & Mia Rogers) 

U11B Hockey vs Highfield - Lost 2-0 (Player of the match - Bailey Hunt) 

U9A Netball vs The Abbey - Won 9-4 (Player of the match - Charlene Fleischer) 

U11A Netball vs The Abbey - Won 10-7 (Player of the match - Lily Mae Morrell & Eleanor Dries) 

U10A Netball vs Highfield - Lost 9-0 (Player of the match - Rhiannon Thomas) 

U10B Netball vs Highfield - Lost 10-0 (Player of the match - Victoria Jesseman) 

U11A Netball vs Highfield - Drew 7-7 (Player of the match -Eleanor Dries)

U11B Netball vs Highfield - Lost 15-0 (Player of the match - Shamailah Islam)

It has been Libraries Week this week and Maidenhead Library joined our Celebration Assembly to award all of those girls who took part and completed the Summer Reading Challenge. Well done to all who entered!

Thank you to everyone who attended our first Parents' Evening of the Year. The evening was extremely positive and an example of the fantastic relationship we have with you, Thank you for all of your continued support. 

Merit Certificates Willow Burnett (Reception), Maia Chapman (Year 1), Gabriella Stoute (Year 2), Ava Constable (Year 3), Charlotte Lewis (Year 4), Lucy Lamond (Year 5) and Beth Aranaz (Year 6) 

Bunny Awards   Tiana Kuvarega ( Year 1) for always thinking of others, and Megan King (Year 4) from Mr Laouira: "Megan sat with me at lunch on Monday when I was on my own and she always seems to notice when someone needs help with something!

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